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  1. Man, you guys are thick! TEXAS WILL NOT GO TO A BOWL THIS SEASON!
  2. A signal is there for everyone...if you can decode it, it's yours. No cheating! The deflating of the balls would be considered kinda cute one-upmanship in the old days, but now it means millions of dollars if not billions to the winning team. Brady obviously did this on purpose and cheated GB out of a fair game, which happend to be worth unbelievable amounts of money. How would you feel if you were on the losing side? I'd be PISSED!
  3. What about the players that are not invited to the Combine - what do they do?
  4. Lincoln Gladiator Ray Zero Dark Thirty The King's Speech Castaway A Beautiful Mind Elizabeth: The Golden Age Remember the Titans Erin Brockovich The Blind Side Blood Diamond The Devil Wears Prada
  5. The Spring game - free admission - is that correct? We don't have to secure a ticket?

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