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  1. Stoops beat Leach, but Leach's O ran rampant - lost count of how many 400+ yard games. The only time I remember Leach's O really getting handled and beat down was by, sorry guys - Saban. Fantastic cover corners that year and absolutely smothered Tech.
  2. Don't know a thing about the guy except a Leach guy. Did not watch an ECU game, and to solely go by stats isn't meaningful. OSU very different from Leach style offense - remember the Tech line's spreads? Not sure (and just pure speculation) if Wick and Leach stuff fully compatible.
  3. I dunno. I've said before - Ogeron who has bewn a HC, in NFL, I don't know if he could be servant to a very strong demanding HC like Saban to be only a position coach.
  4. How pissed would Bama board be? Eh, F 'em....
  5. Good point. Unless Rumph actually DT's only.
  6. But they have not consulted with this board, hence the anger....
  7. Pure guess but seems to me after being even interim HC, to work for a guy like Saban might be tough. No dis on Saban, but he's supposed to be murder on position coaches.
  8. Now this is funny. Not sure what's funnier - the intellectually defeated part, or the part where somehow you think your post is rational.
  9. This. Good God, if you took every board and added all the users up, it wouldn't fill the end zone seats. It's amusing to see people on this site actually thinking they represent the fan base. Yes, I know, you have friends who think the same way...
  10. I've been fortunate to live all across the country in many states, both coasts, the south and mid west. As much as I love Texas, the simple fact is Texans are more in love with Texas than the rest of the country is. NY'ers think Manhattan is the center of the universe, and similarly, Californians think the only place to live is CA. Not everyone views Texas as the best place to be. Not sure why people don't understand that. Sure, it has a lot of money. But there are other schools with rich tradition that have more NC's, more Heisman winners, and certainly more rabid fan base then ours. Thinking that every coach is just dying to come here is simply unrealistic.
  11. Did they buy burnt orange shirts at Longhorns LTD - that's the question.... What would VM coach with Bedford on board?
  12. So your buddy is a secretary, you know what you know. I'm sure he was Harsin's confidant. You've never seen a practice, have no idea of his coaching skills. Yes, you do know what you do.

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