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  1. I think both Bryce and Trevor had a pretty veteran line (and team) around them. In a lot of their highlights, they had a pretty clean pocket and had pretty wide open receivers they were throwing to. Like texbound said, let's have a little bit of patience and see how this team looks when our OL is more experienced and well as the rest of the team. If Ewers or Card had time in the pocket, they both would look like pretty good QBs
  2. Watching this, the majority of Card's passes were hitches or short dump offs to the RB's or the TE's. You better have a high completion percentage if that's the majority of your passes. Maybe we should have kept using those plays for the offense with Ewers to get ball in our playmaker's hands. We'll miss Card here on the 40 acres and wish him the best of luck. Although he took more sacks than he should have, he did make some good plays with his feet and had some good throws as well.
  3. The copy paste didn't come out correctly, but here are the actual stats: C/ATT: 12/24 (50%) YDS: 263 AVG: 11.0 TD: 3 INT: 0 QBR: 92.6
  4. You make it seem like completion percentage is the end all, be all stat. Maybe that QB from Michigan had a really bad game against Ohio State since he only completed half his passes : C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT QBR J.J. McCarthy 12/24 263 11.0 3 0 92.6
  5. I wouldn't mind bringing in some experienced linemen even if it's for depth purposes. A young lineman could possibly stall in progressing or make too many mistakes.
  6. I do recall some pretty good chunk completions to JT Sanders in the game which showcased Quinn's arm. But I also recall the bad safety he took and the fumble which wasn't entirely his fault, but it would have been nice if he could have sensed the pressure coming and threw the ball away. Hopefully the can progress this offseason, and if not, let the best man win the job.
  7. I played for Round Rock High. I only rock the maroon and white if it has Round Rock clearly labeled on it
  8. We should have beaten Bama. Not only were there bad holds, but also Bryce Young was tackled in the end zone for a safety.
  9. Played against him in high school and was shocked he eventually ended up on the defensive line. Like mentioned before, he was a stud QB and even before that, a stud WR.
  10. The play was designed to be a fake hitch, hence why he didn't throw it right away . If it was just a hitch, Worthy would have just stood there wide open.
  11. An objective observer probably saw Quinn's first few games and saw decent to very good quarterback play and someone with arm talent that can't be found just anywhere. Then he played poorly the next few games. You make it seem like he played like absolute trash all year, but he's had some good games which would lead one to believe he might snap out of his skid of bad games. But of course you omit his good games in all your arguments.
  12. Gotta love how all those folks (you know who they are) crapped all over Sark about not being able to adjust after halftime aren't giving him any credit for the adjustments in this game. As talented as DJ Campbell is, he played poorly at first, but did get better as the game wore on. Some of yall need to chill out and realize it's a process with all these young players and we will get better as time goes on and they get more experience.....
  13. Not saying I want Worthy to go, but if he does, maybe Ewers spreads the ball around a little more and it could be a good thing.

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