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  1. Pretty ironic considering how pathetic the FS1 Network has been, especially when you consider it was supposed to be a serious competitor to ESPN. FS1 is like the TV version of aggy.
  2. Sejjr

    Oh Aggy.

    The best part of that "article" is when Clay Travis points out that aggy is basically latching on to the SEC and riding their coattails, as if that is a commendable attribute. I expect a similar article next year, and the year after, etc...he just won't stop. As Duke pointed out, it is pure aggy clickbait.
  3. Sejjr

    Oh Aggy.

    I am so sick of Clay Travis and his half-truth SEC spin articles. That one is just so typical.
  4. Sejjr

    Oh Aggy.

    So typical. The 2 main things that school represents, Agriculture and Mechanical, and yet they can't build a simple house for a bunch of bats so they will just let them die. Bravo, aggy.
  5. Disagree with #8 (injury notwithstanding)...J Gray is being underrated. I expect a big year from him. Foreman looked good however. I couldn't help but think how much some improved WR play would have helped our QBs today. We really need some ballers at the position.
  6. J Gray could easily have a big season. He will be fully healthy and already is the hardest worker on the team. I expect big things. The offense looked completely different to me from last season, and we should be far more effective than last years' version. The biggest glaring issue for me today was the very obvious reality that we have a bunch of JAGs at WR right now. Templin really looked like the best WR on the team. I like Foreman, and maybe M Johnson can rebound from his regression last season, but we are in desperate need for a couple of playmakers at WR. Hopefully Norvell can work some magic or one of the trues can come in and be a star from day 1.
  7. People need to start realizing that OU is on the Mack Brown slow burn downward slide right now.
  8. Funny how these "big donors" are considered such a great source of inside information yet they don't even know Kai Locksley's name. That "kid from Maryland"...
  9. Rivals is gonna die on the vine soon. Scout is a superior package in every way.
  10. Isn't he in Austin this weekend? Something must have happened to decommit during a visit.
  11. Mike Groh sounds interesting. He is Al Groh's son, and he was also sued by a former jilted employer like Wickline. I'm seeing a trend...
  12. That might be the dumbest post-game comment in the history of comments. But considering Clay Travis is a blogger who somehow landed that gig by being a massive douche, I am not surprised. Fox is just the worst.
  13. O-line has been the biggest issue for the last few seasons, and was an all-time low this season. The good news is, we can't really get any worse. The game tonight was won by the O-line, no doubt. Just dominant. Elliot is pretty bad-ass as well.

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