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  1. I can't wait until someone who knows what really went on writes a book about all this in 10-15 years. I know I will buy it!
  2. Absolutely agree. I understand schools being able to restrict an undergrad transfer. But a graduate? That's not a transfer - kid is graduating, at which point his relationship with his undergrad school is over. Some lawyer needs to get all over this. And Kingsbury is trying to justify Tech by saying he was fine with him transferring to another Texas school, just not one in the Big 12 (although Brewer said Tech wouldn't let him go to any TX school). If not the Big 12, what TX school? He's a legitimate Div I qb. Why go to a Div II or III school, or one of the lower tier schools? I have worked in higher ed in TX for 15 years, not including my graduate education at UT - no disrespect to TT grads, but the upper administration there never ceases to amaze me with their arrogance in terms of executive decisions when it comes to how the school is run. It's like they try and pretend they are equal to the big boys (UT and atm) by throwing their weight around.
  3. Someone needs to compile statistics on how much time is left on the play clock when the ball is snapped in previous seasons. Some have said that it won't affect most offenses, since teams rarely snap the ball with more than 30 seconds on the clock. So why even institute the penalty in the first place?
  4. So I thought this was going to be a spread offense? Why bring in a pro style passer? I sure hope the offensive staff knows what they are doing. Either they are going to do something brilliant and new, or there is going to be a battle of offensive philosophies between the coordinators. I hope it's the former and not the latter.
  5. I know this is a Texas prediction thread, but I've been thinking about Baylor. I think they were extremely overrated last year. Yes they scored a boatload of points - against bad teams, for the most part. And seriously faded towards the end of the season - evidenced by their Case McCoy-aided win against UT and horrible performance against UCF. I think they slide back to their Baylor like ways next year (Texas Tech wanna be) and win 6-7 games. So glad we did not end up with Briles as a coach. A Strong coached UT will have no problem putting them away.
  6. Question: looking at the 2013 stats, Why is Louisville's offense scoring 32.5 (25th) while UCF scored 34.6 (30th)? If UCF scored more, how did they rank lower? Interesting stats, by the way!
  7. Yet if you look at UT's recruiting rankings '09-'12 (ignoring '13 because none of them have seen the field yet), the classes were all ranked #2-#5 nationally, averaging 8-ish wins per year. That's pitiful. And it all comes down to coaching.
  8. Interesting to scan down the list and see teams that have approached UT's win totals the last 10 years (9.9 wins, 9.6 talent ranking) but with far less talent: Oregon (9.8 wins, 24.3 talent), Va Tech (9.9 wins, 28.8 talent) and Wisconsin (9.6 wins, 48.6 talent).
  9. I would like to see a column added to this that includes the number of wins per year as well. Interesting to compare the recruiting rankings of OU and UT from '09-'13 and look at the product both teams put on the field this year. Yes, we beat OU this year, but look at the beatdown OU put on Alabama this year. Could we have done that to Alabama this year? No way. Coaching makes all the difference. Go Coach Strong!
  10. So, what IF Ash's injury comes back to bite him next year? He gets his bell rung against UCLA and he's once again week to week like 2013. What's reasonable? 7-5? How much is a healthy Ash worth to this team? I think it's pretty reasonable to expect those symptoms to reoccur. If you ask me, it would be a failure of this coaching staff not to get a JC or transfer QB for 2014.
  11. I keep hearing different things regarding transfers - it's pretty clear they have to sit out a year and lose that year's eligibility if it's within the conference. But graduating and going somewhere else for the last year or two of eligibility - that is not really transferring, is it? Does anybody really know what the rule is for graduating and using up years at another conference school?
  12. Is it possible for Swoopes to redshirt this year? I'm not sure if I've ever heard of a player taking a redshirt year after playing a year, unless it was for an injury. Would help Swoopes catch up and Heard could back up this year.
  13. I think what the qb situation looks like in the fall will show us what Shawn Watson is made of. He did a pretty good job with the last qb he worked with. I hope he can do the same magic with this group, plus possibly another.
  14. Professor at Texas A&M at Corpus Christi. Just because my paycheck comes from the A&M System does NOT make me any kind of aggy. Proud Longhorn with two degrees from UT! And go Islanders!

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