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  1. Your ass is having a hard time fitting through the door isn't it?
  2. I for one will never try and have an intelligent debate with an agy again. They are dillusional to the root. It's a little bit of the red headed stepchild/little person syndrome plus a huge inferiority complex. Count me as one that thinks this place would be better off if they were run off.
  3. If you are referring to me, you would be mistaken. I'm an ORANGEBLOODS and IT member and I know some of the mods here from those forums are just as bothered by the ags presence as I am. It's just a matter of time...
  4. My deal as I've pointed out on the reg: This is a Texas board! Hard for you to comprehend?
  5. Jeffcoat was injured MOST of his career at Texas douche. He's fragile and as you've already admitted in your uninformed opinion, he's undersized. Go away ag
  6. You spent way too much time on that. I have a feeling he will be run off eventually, I'm not sure what the hold up is. Just saw you are in Virginia. That explains a lot. No offense, but you aren't in Texas guy. Different around here when it comes to the relationship between Texas fans and ags
  7. You are a f'n dumbshit. That's why you are an ag on a Texas board and that's why you would make an absurd assumption like that. Might want to actually watch Clowney film sometime douche
  8. Why is this douchebag aggy still allowed to post on this board? McP I think everyone now realizes its way past his bedtime. Put him to sleep
  9. Notice how the aggie member of this board is not responding to this thread. He would certainly be piping up had it been two Texas players. Ban the douchebag already
  10. Orangebloods, IT...you would not have this aggy chump around. It's a damn shame it's allowed on this board
  11. The aggy in this thread needs to get lost. Seriously dude go be dillusional idiots with your own kind.
  12. Unisom works very well. It's intended for 8 hours of sleep and is non habit forming.
  13. Actually I have a lot better things to do with my time than read aggy comments. This is not a place for them nor should any 'Horns fans be on aggy forums. That guy should be banned from the forum.
  14. I don't get on this board everyday. Did I miss something where we have f'n aggy members here now?

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