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  1. I know it is not the time for it but just thinking ahead and preparing. I have been hit hard with Poa these past two years and have just been using the Lesco 0-0-7 from HD. In the past you recommended Dimension and Barricade in my yard schedule. I think I am going to go with those for my next pre emergent treatments (Dim in August and Barr the other times). Which Dimension and Barricade do you recommend? I am in Leander and have a Ewing right down the road from me or where can I get it online if not there. Thanks for all of your help over the years.
  2. Thanks again for all of your great info! I have a green, thick, lush lawn that is the best in the neighborhood thanks to your yard schedule and info. 2 questions- 1) I have a back corner in my back yard that luckily is full of trees. But unfortunately, that means grass cannot grow there. It is also where the rain runoff runs through. So I am doing a river rock landscape area with some small boulder tyoe rocks. I would love to have a few plants/cactus in there to break up the rock look but I am not sure of anything that can grow in 100% shade. Any recs? 2) why does nutsedge tend to grow where trenches are dug? I put in a gas firepit a few years ago and now nutsedge grows along where the trench line was. I use sedgehammer every year but it always comes back along that line. My neighbor also got an irrigation system put in a few months ago and he is also growing nutsedge along his trench lines.
  3. SHA- your cotton bur compost recommendation was spot on. I applied one of your two recommended doses so far and it has done wonders. It has really improved the "lumpiness" and has really greened it up. I will put the second application down this next week. Thanks again for everything!
  4. Thank you. I am in Leander so I can run by countryside. Why about a greening product? I applied turfbuilder about a week ago, can I do a straight nitrogen application also?
  5. SHA-thank you again for the years of help! A few questions- my grass is really healthy and thick, but the color is just not that green. I apply fertilizer according to your schedule but is there anything I can apply to green it up a bit? Also I have an area that is lumpy where the grass will not grow tall. No bare spots, grass is there but it really doesn't even have to be mowed. I aerate every year and top dress every other year. What else should I try? TIA.
  6. Sorry but one more quick question I have some kind of disease on my wax myrtles that is leaving brown spots. I assume insects? What can I apply to help this? Thanks again for all of your help. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h216/tiktb8/Mobile%20Uploads/C5632399-E57A-44BA-A976-75258D353EF9.jpg
  7. Can I trim up my southern wax myrtles right now? And I have one that is growing off center, can I stake the tree to pull it back straight? I planted them in May and they are about 5 feet tall.
  8. My neighbors and I are going to rent an aerator and knock out everyone's yard one afternoon. Our schedules (there are 7 of us) won't work until Valentine's Day. I was going to wait to drop the pre emergent until then but will that be too late? Or should I lay the pre emergent now and just aerate Valentine's Day? Thanks again for all of your help!
  9. Thanks for he info! I'll put it down tomorrow. And yes, the sedgehammer is a life saver.
  10. Thanks! This are the spots I am assuming are chinch bugs. <ingles src=http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h216/tiktb8/Mobile%20Uploads/C2A9E45B-8A24-44AB-8C09-2A06F1D3F8A3.jpg/>
  11. SHA-I put down my August pre emergent the last week of the month. Can I go ahead and put down the turf builder fertilizer now or should I wait just a bit longer? Also I put down triazicide in May and it worked great but I have a few spots in between the curb and sidewalk that probably have chinch bugs, can I put that down around the same time as the turf builder or should I also wait in between putting those two down? Thanks for all of your help, my lawn is green, thick and very healthy due to following your schedule!
  12. SHA-thank you for all of your help over the years. My lawn looks amazing and your recommendation for sedge hammer worked perfect. I recently picked up some some dirt cheap southern wax myrtles from HD that I am going to use as a privacy screen for the back of my fence line. Any tips for planting them in this heat? I am in Leander.
  13. So is that a spot treatment spray with a pump sprayer or a total yard coverage spray with a lawn sprayer? Thanks again for all of your help over the years.

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