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  1. Whats the word on Malik Jefferson and Daylon Mack?
  2. Who are the cant miss prospects in the 2015 class?
  3. I really appreciate the effort. But I am not a fan of those alternates.
  4. Once he adds some weight to his frame he'll be a beast
  5. I guess im the only one who thinks this is a really great idea
  6. Today CS was at Memorial High School in Houston to meet the coaching staff. No high profile recruits there so im guessing Coach Strong is going around to all the schools in the Houston area to meet the various coaches. Smart move by Charlie.
  7. Rodgers was out the last 7 games and lacy performed at a higher level in his absence. And their offensive line is pretty weak as well
  8. He did throw a beautiful 45 yard bomb to mike davis that him in both hands but mike dropped it
  9. 1. OU 2. Baylor 3. Texas 4. Okie Light 5. K State 6. Sand Aggies 7. WV 8. TCU 9. ISU 10. Charlie Wies
  10. Hes gonna be a special player but if ash is healthy give him a red shirt and let Ash and Swoopes battle it out
  11. I dont see Groh coming to Texas if hes not the OC. Why would he go from being a NFL WR's coach to just a College WR coach
  12. I agree but it would be nice to have a proven and successful OC
  13. Just because you have opinions it does not mean they are rational

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