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  1. Welll hello there. Joey will personally vouch for my characer btw.
  2. Great. I look forward to conversing with you gents among a broad array of topics. Women, football and food are my tripods. yessir.
  3. I was personally invited. And I was assured it wasn't a token invite either.
  4. working with Mack is very vague. Mack will be our coach next year is not.
  5. I wonder what was going on around banquet time. I never saw, but I heard Mack and Sally didn't look happy. So, if they were still staying, why the sour look? Did a bmd tell them they were being replaced?
  6. No, they're the same ones that helped get rid of Mack and wanted Saban.
  7. I think he reads the sites and then takes moderate guesses and then deletes the bs. In other words, he's like Tuxedo Yoda.

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