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  1. There's some talent on this team and by all indications Herman and company are developing them. Texas needs to cease the moment and win now especially with the Big 12 being down this year.
  2. Any of you concerned with the lack of public commitments? OU and aggy both had a couple good ones.
  3. 8 Main reasons why he picks Texas... 1. Ohio sucks. 2. It's Cold in Ohio. 3. It's not easy for family and friends to attend games. 4. Nothing beats being close momma's home cooking. 5. Texas ladies > Ohio ladies 6. Austin > Columbus 7. Mexican Food in Ohio..... Come on. 8. Ohio sucks
  4. Ags are going to win 6-7 games. Texas by all indications has the potential to complete for a big 12 title. Texas just needs to win. That defense is going to be better than last year and even Leal will take notice. I highly doubt that Elko is much better than what they had.
  5. Kid seems solid based on that, it's still April thought.
  6. Thanks for all the updates... Truth be told you gents are better than Twitter.
  7. 247 I believe.... Frenzy opened the gates to their delusion.
  8. Yup... Highly unlikely Cowboys have no money to go after upper tier free agents.
  9. Sha, Kate was the lady of 2018 who's going to be chosen one for 2019? Or are we going to ride Kate (lol) till the wheels fall off?
  10. Unless it's in a playoff Texas will never see the players signed with aggy so good luck to those kids. I'm glad Texas is recruiting like a top 5 program again BUT this momentum has to translate to wins and start competing for titles again. I'm really tired of OU winning the big 12 year after year so for God sake get their # again.
  11. You still thinking Aggie? This is getting weird. Kid is talented you have to get him in the class if your ATM or is he still unsure?
  12. Can we take a day or two to enjoy this one? Lol
  13. I love Aggy tears. Frenzy and company will have a field day.

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