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  1. We're doomed. Seriously, I can see Mack's team rising to the occasion for the coach that recruited them. It would be fantastic to go out on a win and make this season end on a high note. Don't feel like it's going to happen though. And if it doesn't, it will only justify why Mack had to go - the four year redo just didn't happen.
  2. I'm Patrick. Raised in Austin in the 60's, and started out at UT. I didn't finish my degree there but I did at another university. Met my wife at UT, who did graduate from there, and we moved to the Waco area where her family is from. I've been a "my blood bleeds burnt orange" Longhorn fan as long as I can remember and when they lose, especially when they lose big, I'm depressed for months. I'm registered on several of these kind of sites and it's always great to get other viewpoints and current information. Whoever took the risk to start this - thanks!, looks like a nice group of common minde

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