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  1. A friend and I share a sub to IT. I give him some money every year and he sends me stuff he thinks I care about. He sent a post about a search for a replacement for Chancellor Admiral McRaven last week. I asked WTF happened to McRaven? Seems like he was the new guy taking the system to more greatness. Now he's gone? What happened with him?
  2. I love Texas baseball. I remember walking around the apartment on Speedway in the early 70's trying to find a place where the transistor radio could pick up the broadcast of a night UT/USC World Series game. I may have been one of those guys who wear face paint now back in the days of sitting in a rowdy bunch along the third base line of Disch field watching visiting teams trying to figure out Billy Goat Hill and yelling at the visitor team warm up circle. I've always kept up with UT baseball wherever I lived around the country. No doubt I was a BIG Gus fan. I lived and died with Augie, mostly died enough at the end to quit listening while I did yard work which was always one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. I'm pretty sure our new AD needs to evaluate the current situation and plan to get UT baseball, along with other sports, back to the traditional standards set by the great UT coaches of the 70's and 80's.
  3. Big fu by the Genius. He should have had a relationship with Brewster from his days on Mack staff. He should have gone after Brewster last year instead of cougar high grunts he brought in to The University that can't cut it.
  4. Yep, finally getting some coaching. First few games pretty much sucked like the last couple of years. But Jefferson has come around the last few games. He isn't NFL material based on performance to date but may be after next year with coaching and well coached players around him.
  5. Thanks guys. My wife and a friend want to go to some fricking JR League coattail lunch Saturday. If I have to drive them down there I can go to the Tavern for food, pops and TV. Still get back for the Horns/toads.
  6. I've never been to the TCU campus. When I was at UT '67-71 Texas always scheduled them opening weekend of deer season so you wouldn't miss anything if you needed to radio it. Game time announced yet? Be nice to have something other than 11:00 AM
  7. Good stuff OrangeLarry. Not necessarily for me since I replaced all my sod, installed a sprinkler system this year. I live on Lake Travis with a private water system and those sprinklers run three nights a week for 30' each. But if I lived in some tightly controlled place like the wacko City of Austin, I might take your recommendation to heart. There is money to be made there, just glad I don't have to give a rats ass.
  8. I'm having a slow recovery to back surgery. Don't see way in Hell can do Cotton Bowl this year. I ordered tickets with OrangeLarry, let him know if you are interested in buying.
  9. Aggy put themselves in position to be a perennial mid tier wannabe team in sec, sec. Horns haven't been able to take advantage of the conference imbalance because of old Mack and Strong poor coaching. I wasn't a big fan of hiring a coach from cougar high but that is the place Longhorn Nation finds ourselves in. Herman has a very short rope to produce results that this '71 graduate expects of TEXAS FOOTBALL!
  10. Well, call me confused but I don't know crap about coaching college football. I have only read for two years how Jefferson is " playing out of position" but I'm just a fan wanting the kid to reach his potential advertised from his signing date. Jefferson definitely has problems outside of his preferred crashing in to disrupt plays. It's great when he uses speed and intuition to blow up a play now and then. But I can't help but think Strong and crew were jus trying to use him as a stopgap. He needs coaches who understand his talent and are willing to put him in a position to succeed.
  11. Thanks for the update Sirhornsalot! I copied it and saved. Still can't access your post and have no idea how to send Aaron a PM. But I have a good rock guy who did my patio when I expanded and covered it. Have some nice flagstone. Had to replace the septic system this year and Tom had his guy build a nice couple of flagstone wide steps up to the new Zosyia sod five feet away from new septic. At age 67 last summer, I got my first landscape guy and he is damn good with plants. I agree with nubbing rather than hacking, I'll make sure he does the crape myrtles right. I really appreciate your posts, hope I can read them sometime. Hook 'Em!
  12. Staff, I am on my 3rd month of getting "Humm, cant reach this page" when clicking on the monthly Sirhornsalot landscape post. I enjoy his stuff, would like to read it.
  13. Mack and Strong were good at signing *(star) high school players but proved themselves incapable of actually coaching up the high school talent to play exceptionally at the D-1 level. Herman has inherited a roster of non-coached talent he couldn't begin to recruit at cougar high. Everyone needs to accept The University is no longer a Jones. Herman and staff have to take the roster they have and coach them up. If their efforts result in winning football games, Herman will get real * (star) talent in 2018 and beyond. Hook 'Em!
  14. What Michael Huff hire? Seems like that would nave been big news but I have no clue about it.
  15. I'm sorry about this being off topic but I can't find anywhere else to post. I'm in the second month in row of not being able to access Sirhornsalot monthly landscape topic. I get a "sorry can't reach that page" This is only post I get this push back. Can someone check it out? Judging from amount of replies, I don't think I'm the only one unable to access his content I want to read.

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