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  1. ...... Exactly nothing. Speculation-tired-head has overwhelmed me. Wake me when it's over. While I think we've taken some great and very necessary steps in the past couple of weeks, let the proof be in RESULTS. we hate Watson. we don't hate him. We love this guy but we don't love that guy. Let me just remind EVERYONE who has espoused a theory about loving or hating anyone....Bill Bellichek was a complete and utter flop and failure as a head coach in Cleveland. He now is regarded as maybe the best there has ever been. Pete Carroll was a barely an average HC and didn't last very long for the Jets. He moves on to USC and rewrote the record books before coming back to the NFL and building a juggernaut in Seattle. Sometimes coaches thrive after failures. Sometimes they fail after successes. Who the heck knows? Nobody does. Just saying....
  2. Not a long day at all. A fun and possibly memorable day. Days that I live with anticipation of something great tend to go too fast! Those are the best days! We also should know something by mid afternoon.
  3. No need for this. Be here and like THIS. No reason to hate on THAT. Kind of reminds me a little of Horns "down" by teams we play. Cheer your own team. Don't disrespect mine.
  4. One might be able to make the argument either way. Texas could be too large of a stage for him at this point in his career, or he could truly prosper here with a different kind of athlete that is available here that he did not have previously. Either way, I'm excited about the NEW direction. There is a chance, and perhaps only a CHANCE that -2 yard WR screens that are blocked horribly on 3rd down and 8 might just be a thing of the past! That makes me giddy!
  5. Thanks Cujo,at this point it might be easier to determine who it is not, rather than who it is.
  6. Thank you. Wasn't sure what it was called, but I do understand that you play your way into the higher divisions with your performance on the field. Which makes a lot of sense to me.
  7. Like the English Premier League? Love that idea. Makes a lot of sense....and therefore, will never happen.
  8. Those who are likely to forgive Red, probably already have. Those that are inclined to hold a grudge, probably will. Coach Strong will probably pay as much attention to this as he needs to, which will likely be next to nothing. Time to move on...
  9. Jim, I am trying to raise my children with that same notion of respect. It's not easy to do in this world. You sound like a true gentlemen. While many folks have spouted off about Red and his comments, no one has sauntered up to him and said these things to him. These folks are just sharing an opinion. And while I don't necessarily agree with the things they are saying or how they are saying them, you are not going to be able to convince most that Red gets a pass because he is 86.
  10. Fair enough. You know I can't disagree with YOU! Been a while since we've chatted. You doing okay? I noticed that many of your posts on OB were "different.". You seem to be full of piss and vinegar lately. Anyway, hope you are well and that you had a great Christmas and New Year!
  11. the Vince Young Endzone I can go to sleep now and dream happy thoughts....
  12. I just appreciate good football, I guess. If we want the SEC to shut its collective mouth, than we need to do something about that!
  13. Yeah...I see your point, but c'mon, auburn had an incredible year and an incredible run to this moment.
  15. Sure is. Sad that one of these teams is gong to lose.

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