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  1. Jamaal Charles was underutilized? He rushed for 3,300 yards at UT. Fumbled more than his share as well. He slowed way down on his fumbling in the NFL, but he dropped the ball at lot in college. Finley was a good TE for us and had 45 catches in his junior year before leaving early. I don't think either of those were not utilized. Daje, DJ Monroe and Marquise Goodwin were not underutilized either. They were flat out wasted.
  2. It's just ridiculous the way somebody posts this rumor or that rumor and all these boards just explode. Everything causes a meltdown. I keep coming back to see updates and hope for good news. Trolls, most of it is just trolls. Nobody has a clue what is going on in reality.
  3. You folks don't have a clue what's going on and keep getting played on these boards.
  4. Why would they want Hicks payback? He's been hurt more than he's played.
  5. Yep, and we may only have 4 OL to block for them. I just don't ever want to be in the position again where Case McCoy is the best we can do.
  6. Well said, Davharjac. I am trying to be nice here, but Chambers was also the TE coach when we had Bo Scaife, David Thomas and Brock Edwards. Nobody was complaining about him then. I am going to stop with that because if I get into it with one of the negative moderators here then I'll be banned and this is kind of a fun free site once you wade through all the whining.
  7. I'd be excited if we landed Michael Sawyers. He looks really good in an area of need.
  8. Who cares if Sarandon or Close are hot? Go look at porn if you are looking for hot women. I liked both of those movies. Dazed and Confused could be a baseball movie.
  9. Disagree. He still recruits Dallas and has maintained those relationships. Not trying to be disagreeable but there must be some reason Strong kept him and I am far from ready to call Strong lazy for this hire.
  10. Kind of hard to argue with any negative comments here. However, Chambers does still have Dallas connections and maybe that's why Strong is keeping.
  11. Burton says either Herman or Watson. Sounds kind of good for us considering this thread. I checked out Ohio State roster and one of the freshmen QB is a walk on. But, still a valid point. Ohio State has Sr Braxton Miller, then 2 scholarship guys JT Barrett and Cardale Jones who is a huge guy like Swoopes. They have a 3 star QB coming in from Georgia. Pretty set at the QB position. The Sr they had this past year, Guiton was pretty impressive when Miller got hurt. If Tom Herman is responsible for Miller or Guiton, I definitely want him at Texas.
  12. You guys remind me of my kids. Everybody is all too glad to spend somebody else's money. If I'm a BMD, I am not wasting 5 mil on a buyout when the guy won't be here but a short time and they didn't get to be BMD's by being that stupid. There are other options available.
  13. Shawshank Good Will Hunting Tombstone Fandango Last of the Mohicans Dances with Wolves Bull Durham Dazed and Confused Forrest Gump Cool Hand Luke Only movie listed above that I don't like is Friday Night Lights. Hated that movie.
  14. Tom Herman was my nephew's WR coach while he was at Sam Houston State. Nephew is a high school coach now and speaks highly of him. I hope we can steal him away from Ohio State.
  15. We are in Abilene. We bought a house a year and a half ago and completely gutted the interior. Moved load bearing walls, tore out walls, turned their old garage which they had converted to an art studio into a master bedroom. Tore out all the sheet rock and rewired and replumbed everything. Their old master, we turned into a laundry room/office. I did all the work myself and took me over a year. All that to say the outside/lawn is a mess and this year all my time will be spent on building a workshop, an outdoor kitchen, and landscaping. Your advice has been helpful and I will admit that I am very impressed. I have two Live Oaks I want to thin out. I have three hideous looking fruitless Mulberry trees in the front yard with dead limbs that need to be trimmed. I don't like the trees but they are great shade on the West side of the house. There are two Pecan trees also and one of them is kind of sick looking. All that to ask, I need grass in my front yard under the Mulberry trees. Obviously, it's a shady location and there is a small amount of sickly St Augustine. Would you recommend staying with St Augustine or is there some other type of grass that does well in shade these days? Thanks.
  16. Obviously games are won and lost in the trenches and Mack almost never seemed to believe in having any OL on the roster. Depth has been a problem for a long time and losing Cochran sucks.
  17. I was going to post that I wish we would pass on him and grab another lineman but then I went to Youtube and watched his video. He is very elusive and has great balance. Pretty impressive.
  18. I'd rather have Akina than Gray. At least we can count on Akina. Gray would dump us in a heartbeat for another NFL job.
  19. Totally agree. MacWhorter did really well at Georgia Tech before coming to Texas and I think he did OK at Penn State after leaving Texas.
  20. Are you serious? You must be a joy to live with.
  21. Watch the video provided. He doesn't just make tackles or blocks anyone, more like crushes them. He's kind of on the short side, but he is super mobile and makes plays from sideline to sideline. Hard to totally tell from highlight videos but he looks awesome. If you must have star rankings, he is a 4 star.
  22. I thought Adam Dunn had already been moved to TE which made him choose baseball? Am I remembering incorrectly? Even if he had stayed around, he was a really, really big guy and I doubt would have played any QB. I never got the Simms hate, either. He was one of us.
  23. You wanted Strong to close the 'boarders' in 5 days? Nobody can close any borders of any state but I do believe Strong is going to kill it in Texas and nationwide. Joe was our very first commitment for the 2014 class and I doubt he goes anywhere. But, he wouldn't be flattered with an offer from USC? Any of you fellas and myself included would be bragging about being offered by one of the great college programs of all time.

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