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  1. He's in tuscaloosa now and is supposedly getting announced on monday. You might have to eat some crow.
  2. Most of their staff has had either HC or NFL experience. They know they can learn from him and become better candidates for jobs after the fact. It'd be a smart move on his part to do so. Rumph and nussmier were let go with no fight. Don't know if that bodes well. We are looking to be getting a legit staff at the 40.im excited.
  3. the hasnt been much real info flowing since Patterson took hold he's pretty much sealed up the leaks. He's trying to get us back into being a professionally run organization. I just hope the BMDs can keep their hands out of our program now. Good days are ahead for us guys! Great days!
  4. John Booty was unproven as well and he did very very well.over 3000yrds passing.
  5. It's also funny that people think that Mizzo and TAMU are better schools than Florida or Vanderbilt. and if you check the Forbes top undergrad schools the SEC has more in the top 100 than the Big12 does. Vanderbilt alone is superior academically than the big 12, including UT.
  6. We wont join the SEC because all of their schools share revenue evenly. That means if we were to join, we would have to share the LHN revenue as well. It's a deal breaker and we arent about to leave that much money on the table to join the SEC. I would love to have a super conference. SEC with UT and OU and perhaps a FSU and VT or something to that effect. that would be one hell of a conference to make it thru with only 1 loss.
  7. Haven't his parents been very vocal about them wanting him to be at Alabama? Love to see it but he's gone. Whitley will be a hard get too
  8. i mentioned that a few days ago. Seems that some on the Alabama front still think they will be able to get him back. With Strong in the mix im sure we will make a late push at him as well but i havent heard anything that he has had to say about us.
  9. The truthfulness is accurate. Saban was never an option. His name just brings a lot of traffic with it. The entire story was so obviously fabricated it fits with BMDs using any means necessary to put pressure on Patterson and Mack. Name one thing, outside of the talks to Sexton in the spring, that's true. Patterson doesn't have to say Saban turned us down since he never did. And even if he did it wouldn't make us look bad. He's got history in the making at Alabama.
  10. Zachary is a lb not an ol. Not sure if the oline coach will sway him that much. But being a part of something new on the 40 is.
  11. Zachary Whitley flipped to UCLA a few days ago I believe.
  12. BMDs don't deserve any explanation to the hiring of a football coach. If they donate money only because of football they need to reevaluate what the university's purpose is. I think at this point we have to go with what Saban and Patterson has said. Saban was never an option. End of story. Harbaugh is a little tougher but in the end I'm not sure he had any real interest in taking the job. Our entitled BMDs ran off candidates that want to work for a professional organization.
  13. Based off his original post, it doesn't seem like he willing to do that
  14. How do BMDs hire athletic directors? The BMDs and their entitlement issues is what drove away the bigger candidates imo. No professional wants to work for an unprofessional company. I personally think Patterson is going to be one hell of an AD and Strong will get a great staff together and breath new life into this program.
  15. Because of every one trying to be an insider, yourself included, when you all obviously had no clue what was happening since Patterson put the lid on info. All the insiders have turned into conspiracy theorists with your laughable explanations of what transpired.

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