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  1. Sirhornsalot -what does Kyler not like about Texas?
  2. Sirhornsalot would love to hear more about the above. I hope Strong took notice - this makes me not trust or care for Watson even more. Do you think Heard has complained about Watsons system? Also, wonder what you know about Murray.
  3. Any concerns regarding recruiting?
  4. Was 9 years old at the time and my parents went to watch it at friends on their new color TV. I watched the game with my grandparents on their black and white TV. I will never forget it. I've been a Longhorn lover all my life - my parents both graduated from Texas so I come from good stock!!
  5. What info do you have on the a&m football player who hit the Rice student?
  6. Can I still trim back my Azaleas or is it to late?
  7. I wish a&m would be in a crappy pod
  8. If the cheating is exposed on A&M, would the NCCA do anything or be forced to do anything if there is evidence they can't be pushed aside.

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