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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+a+slouch+hat&espv=210&es_sm=91&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=S9TFUvz8K6SQ3AWzwYHIDQ&ved=0CEAQsAQ&biw=1384&bih=943 slouch hat 1. noun -- A hat with a wide flexible brim.
  2. Excellent expression of what's at stake and how and why things are proceeding as they are. Would appear Texas must handle relationships far and wide, same the program does with high schools and coaches all across the state. We relate to the football landscape in ways few universities do. Guess that goes without saying.
  3. My sentiments. No disrespect to Briles supporters, but to me he is not the man or the brand. I'm aiming higher and differently. This is only the biggest hire in all college football and has all but over-shadowed the entire bowl season. Briles does not fit my vision. Before and after Tempe.
  4. Is why I started a BluRay library sometime ago. Along with a host of standard format DVDs. We save both the $$ and the hassle of the often inconsiderate crowds here in NW Austin. Typical sale price for the BluRay is from $19 to $22 or so. $24 tops. Not over 2 tickets, and it's usually a keeper. Though the picture is not big screen, it is a lot sharper and great sound track of my A/V system. I can re-live special films, scenes and moments. First run movies are ruined by concessions... the theater pays heavily in rentals so has to make it up in horrible prices to the customer.
  5. Came to Austin with high school band on band day... sat in end zone and watched Jim Swink run all over Memorial Stadium. First game as freshman... Nebraska won as I recall, 14-13. 1960. Went to the Cotton Bowl game against Navy, '63 champs. Got used to life as a Longhorn in the best of times. David McWilliams sat quitely ahead of me in Analyt class one year. Good guy! Remember barefoot kicker Tony Crosby? His dad used to cut my hair at a barber shop in Kountze, back when. My grandparents lived there. I was born 5 weeks before Pearl Harbor. Nov. 1. I'm 72. Back then... baseball games by the Law School. Afternoons during classes. Saw concert there once... Chicago, Leon Russell. Then sitting on the first row at Gregory with feet on the hardwood at BB games. The vibration and sounds of the sneakers squeaking and the pounding of the ball. As facilities grow, aspects of games go away. I liked diving off the high board at the old pool in the basement. At Memorial Stadium... best memory besides stomping on seats in the stands and being in the Card Section... Listening to The Eyes outside the locker room, under the echoing arches, at the south end of the Stadium after the game. Cannot repeat that today. Able to walk across the field after games, especially night games later on. Running laps on the track in the evening, during the 70s. Age brings certain memories and experiences. The OU (Fri Nite) dance? Commerce Street?!!!
  6. Ditto to just about every post here. I had the same reaction reading Chips non-report.
  7. Cleveland vs... Austin. Let's see... choice, choices. (Austin rated #1 economic city in the country. San Antonio #2. Forbes Magazine. Just this week. Not really news)
  8. Old saying... there's the best, and there's the rest. I prefer the biggest game-changeing landscape-altering hire that takes over the conversation and upends everybody's comfy level. That includes ESPN, all the conferences and fan bases, and media. A to Z. All of it. Four years of 4-loss seasons and a pile of mess needs to be upended with the Hire of all Hires.
  9. Diversion and distraction assist a successful clandestine mission.
  10. Groucho Marx on a sports forum... his original term in brackets.... today's sports forum in italics. [club] ... I don’t want to belong to any forum that will accept me as a member. [evening] ... I’ve had a perfectly wonderful time sharing on a forum, but this wasn’t it. [Politics] ... Reading and writing on sports forums is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and apply the wrong remedies. [face] ... I never forget a great post, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception. [mistakes] ... Learn from the gaffs of others on sports forums. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.

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