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  1. Here's to everyone wearing Rose Colored Glasses. Yep... I'd rather we have the opportunity to succeed, than no opportunity at all because we might fail. Great win for the Team, playing like a Team. CTH showed me something. So far... 1) Top 10 Recruiting Class, 2) Hired DC & OC, 3) Kicked Ass in the Bowl, to help 4) Close out Recruiting with Collins (hopefully) and a couple more Needs inspired by Horns Alamo Bowl Statement and 5) Finish out the rest of the staff. Ossai = Beast Hook 'em
  2. I agree, the right coaches being hired is critical. But personally, I'm glad we're in a bowl because the players earned it. It's a nice reward for a season of hard work. The players' families get to experience the events, too. Why deny that? Punishment? The bitter disappointment of being less than they could have been, playing in a lesser bowl, that's the punishment, but also an opportunity. The opportunity to do again exactly what they did last bowl game. Beat a more highly ranked opponent when they were consensus underdogs going in. I also agree, the Horns don't match up well against the Utes, but we've got some good players, too. Going down 14 in the Tech game (with their backs against the wall), then coming back and outscoring them 49-10 the rest of the game hopefully started a reversal. I'd rather we have the opportunity to succeed, than no opportunity at all because we might fail. Hook 'em
  3. Being reported Beck's got a job lined up after the Alamo Bowl. If Yurcich happens, along with Ash, plus a few more additions, I'll consider CTH having initially done a nice reorganization.
  4. It makes sense the longer this goes, the more it appears the next OC is currently coaching. I came across this on Yurcich. If the powers to be pick this guy as the OC and he agrees, I'm good with it. https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football/ohio-state-football-mike-yurcich-bio-salary-history/
  5. CTH's explanation and apology is really about all he could say to try to move on from his lack of judgement. Though he claimed he didn't know the camera was on, appearing to look into the camera, then going double bird... didn't help the optics. Nothing more for him to say on this matter. Only one thing left to do, if he really wants to put this behind him.
  6. True, very true, but most of us that do stupid crap (including me) don't get paid $5M/yr to represent the University of Texas, travel into HS players homes to meet with their parents... saying what every parent wants to hear, then behave (on f'ing video) like someone the parents wouldn't want their son hanging out with. It'll take a Mensa to explain his way outa this one. Gonna be interesting...
  7. Mensa status is really given just from taking a test and there's several different ones that they go by. "Candidates for membership of Mensa must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence (a score that is greater than that achieved by 98 percent of the general population taking the test)." It takes good, quick analytical thought process, but judgement (apparently) is not factored into the equation.
  8. Really! I've now put CTH on a shorter leash for my support. Not Texas, but him. If I'm other head coaches, I use that to recruit against Texas. Another stupid Mental Error. This time by the Head Coach... who should know better. Poor example to the players, unless there's more to the story, we don't know.
  9. I agree with you. I'll just add... Eliminating mental errors & penalties. Also a coaching issue. Last season Texas was #119 out of 130 FBS teams for penalties AND penalty yards. That's a lot of yards to make up. Plus, penalties are often momentum killers, so the intangible deficits are even greater than the tangible ones. 1. Identify all mental errors & penalties... who's doing them? 2. What's the trigger(s) or pattern(s) that's causing the mental errors & penalties in each player doing them? 3. Position coach works 1-1 with the player(s) to rehabilitate them, until the player(s) are mentally tougher... more disciplined. That's definitely a coaching issue. The Buck stops with CTH. A 3* player who's (been coached to be) mentally tougher than a 4* wins a lot of the time.
  10. Agree 100% re: #10 recruiting ranking so far considering last season and no coordinators for 2 weeks… and still missing one. Things could be a helluva lot worse. Tomorrow after early signing day, with Bijan Robinson a Longhorn I'll feel better. Also agree 100%, now that Ash is officially on board, seems like a short trip to see Alfred Collins is top on his list. I count now we're at 10 commits for the O, 6 for the D. Pick up another WR to replace the de-commit… and let Ash (supposedly ace recruiter) fill in a few more good D recruits. Ringo? I see the makings for a 10 win season, assuming Ash works out, the new OC builds a reasonable O… and we can get rid on those damn penalties, so at least we don't beat ourselves. I'm a glass half full guy, until proven wrong.
  11. Ok… I will. I don’t have a problem with the way this search was conducted. Why not? I don’t have enough information to legitimately have a problem with the way this search was conducted. I don't know: How CTH conducted the DC search. All the candidates CTH spoke with. If CTH did not “Go out and search for the right person.” All the individuals in CFB CTH spoke with to gather opinions (pro and con) of all possible DC candidates to ensure the best decision was being made. If CTH settled on Ash right from the get go, but let the search run on just to give the impression that an extensive search really was being conducted, when it wasn’t. I do know: CTH and Ash worked together for the Ohio State 2014 National Championship season. Not a bad result. That seems like a good thing to me. This DC hire (due to recent failings) is the most important hire CTH has made as a HC. CTH’s butt is on the line. He’s got a helluva lot more riding on this hire than any of us do. CDC had to give final approval to CTH’s DC recommended hire. I personally respect and trust CDC. Neither CTH, nor CDC have lost my respect (yet) for their CFB judgement, but I do reserve the right to change my mind based on events. I don’t have a crystal ball. Therefore, given what I don’t and do know, that’s why I don’t have a problem with the way this search was conducted. I also do not know if Ash is a good DC hire for Texas. However, I do choose to believe Ash will be a good DC hire for Texas, until events prove otherwise. Hook ‘em
  12. When the opposing defense knows what you’re doing...... Maybe... but it's hard to believe Georgia's top ranked SEC rushing defense didn't know we were going to run it down on the goal -- when we repeatedly ran it in for touchdowns. Was shocking to not see it happening against OU... and others. Disappointedly shocking.
  13. I'm good with either Scalley or Leonard - Definite upgrade by these numbers: 2019 Season Stats Red Zone Defense Utah - #12 Wisconsin #14 Texas - #101 3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense Utah - #7 Wisconsin - #2 Texas - #74 Rushing Defense Utah - #1 Wisconsin - #8 Texas - #47 Passing Defense Utah - #12 Wisconsin 1- #5 Texas - #127 Then, one thing that really pisses me off - Penalties! Penalties yards allowed Iowa State - #13 Oklahoma State - #29 Virginia Tech - #42 Kansas - #48 Kansas State - #66 Baylor - #78 Texas Tech - #82 TCU - #96 Texas - #119 Oklahoma - #130 (last in FBS) Whoever we get as Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, I want to see more accountability for NOT BEATING OURSELVES with penalties. That's on CTH. Our Head Coach needs to do a lot better job, too.
  14. I do, too. All TX2725 said, plus CTH went to see the Aledo Ennis game last night. To see a 2021 recruit, or did also being able to see and talk with Sam Harrell (Ennis HC) play a part? GH's Dad Sam recently returned to coaching after a miracle recovery from MS after taking several trips to Panama for stem cell therapy. Close knit family. Life... and health can be fleeting. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/2019/08/03/ms-took-football-away-from-sam-harrell-several-trips-to-panama-and-one-crazy-journey-later-hes-back-as-ennis-head-coach/ I'm thinking coming back home to be closer to his Dad while he still can, may be a big personal factor. If GH can return back to Texas as the OC of the University of Texas now (for a helluva lot of money) to hopefully help turn the Horns into a B12, or possibly a CFB playoff candidate (making an even bigger name for himself and an even bigger payday down the road) and be closer to his Dad (while he's healthy) & his family, that seems like the percentage move. Carpe diem.
  15. Why not? Certainly a sincere, aggressive attempt by USC was expected, so what's changed? Until it's announced otherwise, GH & UT still seems to make sense... for both sides.
  16. I figured he was a long shot. Source? Public?
  17. Coombs for sure. From what I've gathered, seems like Ash, Scalley (Utah), or Heacock (Iowa State) would warrant serious consideration. Only considering DC w/o factoring in who they could/would bring along (though who the DC brings along is huge), Scalley seems to have a helluva track record. Hook 'em
  18. Again, the DC is the most important hire, IMO. I know little about Ash, but if hiring him means we get Kerry Coombs, I'm good with that. Walk through walls for this guy. Talk about creating a new, more powerful identity?
  19. "Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.” Sun Tzu I prefer we be invincible (as much as possible). Therefore, I see the Defensive Coordinator as the most important hire. Regarding timing on the coordinators and position coaches replacements, my take: 1. We don't absolutely need any new coaches for the Bowl Game (do we?), so no rush, unless we'll lose our best option(s) by delay. 2. Delay could present new opportunities, that otherwise wouldn’t be known, or available. 3. Hiring sooner could help recruiting, but not at the expense of losing the right guy(s). 4. So, I see no reason to rush the hiring process, unless delaying causes CTH to lose the guy(s) he really wants. And lastly… I think we need new coordinator hires that will create powerful, new identities for the Offense and the Defense. (Per James Clear, a change of identity is the most powerful agent of change, then better habits… and last - empowering goals.) Hook ‘em, Bill
  20. FWIW... and bear with me on this... Each week I receive the Forty Acres Insider from Chris Del Conte. I replied back to it the week after Iowa State with some constructive comments and suggestions about what CDC had written. My phone number was nowhere in my email. The next day my phone rings. I don't usually answer numbers I don't recognize (Robo calls and all.), but the number was 512.471.xxxx, which i recognized as the UT exchange, so I decided to pick up. I answer, "Hello." On the other end a man's voice says, "Can I speak to Bill?" I answer, "Who's calling... and why do you wanna speak to him?" The other man's voice says, "Bill, this is Chris Del Conte." I said, "Chris, give me a minute while I sit down. I'm shocked that you called me!" I then went on to say "But, I'm not that shocked knowing the type of person, or at least imagining the kind of person you are from everything I've listened to you say and read that you've written." He went on to say how disappointed he was at the last second loss to Iowa State. I commiserated and said, "Yeah, that was a very disappointing loss... and this has been a disappointing season, especially after the Sugar Bowl win last year." He went on to say, "Yea, I guess I need to learn to control my emotions." I said, "No Chris, don't control your emotions. Channel them. Guide them. That's what makes you who you are." We went on and talked for several more minutes. It's hard to inagine that the Athletic Director of the University of Texas would pick up the phone and call me. I am not a BMD, nor even a season ticket holder. I didn't even have my phone number in the email. He had to look in the UT database, find my number... and then dial me. I say all this because I truly think CDC is the Athletic Director Texas needs to keep advancing. I also think CDC will not let Texas back slide. I also think CDC will find... and give the support CTH needs to find the personnel we need, so the program advances. Yeah, this year has been disappointing, for sure. No denying that. I believe the important thing is not so much where we're standing now, but the direction we're moving. I choose to believe that we're about to be moving in a really good direction, that eventually will yield less disappointment and us experiencing more of what we had hoped this year would become. Hook 'em, Bill
  21. I figured Texas would take a run at this guy. The LSU offensive improvement is stunning. Since Brady's probably coaching 6 more weeks, timing a real challenge, if he'd even consider. Based on LSU's O performance, sure would be sweet if CDC could pull that one off.

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