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  1. IMO, this kid is legit. I saw him play twice last year and he was the best player on the field in both games, by a long shot. His strength and push is just amazing... throws people around like they are toothpicks...
  2. Duke -- If you could send me the info on the Palestine Ranch, I would love to get it and visit. We have two 9 month old pups (not working dogs) and they are just flat out awesome...
  3. Updated a few numbers... Any comments from the evening crowd?
  4. The following is a table from 2000-2013 that illustrates that defense wins championships. Col 1 = Year Col 2 = The total # of teams who had a defense that gave up less than 300 yards/game Col 3 = The # of teams in the BCS title game that gave up less than 300 yards/game Col 4 = BCS Winner and their average yards/game given up on defense Col 5 = Average yards/game given up on defense Col 6 = BCS Loser and their average yards/game given up on defense Col 7 = Average yards/game given up on defense [TABLE=class: grid, width: 560] <tbody>[TR] [TD=align: center] YEAR[/TD]
  5. Attrition won't effect the 30 max unless the attrition comes from the recruits we just signed... 5 from 2014 + 25 in 2015... that is the max right now. We may have room under the 85, but we still can't go over 30...
  6. I think our max next year will be 30. The number goes to 29 if Max Wittek enrolls. I count 23 commits less 3 that enrolled early = 20 commits for 2014. So we have 5 available from 2014 + 25 from 2015. If we have a good season and sign up 30 guys in next years class, we could start rolling sooner than later...
  7. Thanks for the reply/help. I initially had them grouped separate, but then I started wondering how the new staff would group them and ultimately threw my hands up and just put them all in 1 group. I imagine that we will have a lot more clarity to all of your questions in the next couple of months...
  8. The following is a roster by position, by class... I have used the composite rankings from 247Sports... Anything over .8900 is considered a 4 star. If my math is right, we will have 55 4 star or better players on our roster next year (before attrition happens)... Lots of data here, maybe some mistakes... Some of these guys will have to transfer or go on medical scholarship before the season starts. I didn't include some of our special teams guys in the calculations. If Coach Strong knows how to coach and we find ourselves a QB, we we might just make a run this year... That being sai
  9. Probable Win North Texas Mean Green @ Kansas Jayhawks Iowa State Cyclones Toss Up Games BYU Cougars UCLA Bruins Baylor Bears Oklahoma Inbreeds @ Kansas State Wildcats @ Texas Tech Red Raiders West Virginia Mountaineers @ Oklahoma State Pokies TCU Horned Frogs Probable Loss None ------------ Wow. That is a little bit scary. If we are great, we will win all 9 toss up games and finish 12-0 If we are good, we will win 7 toss up games and finish 10-2 If we are average, we will win 5 toss up games and finish 8-4 If we are bad, we will win 3 toss up games and fini
  10. Probable Win Lamar Cardinals Rice Owls at SMU Mustangs ULM Warhawks Toss Up Games at South Carolina Gamecocks Arkansas Razordonkeys at Mississippi State Bulldogs Ole Miss Rebels LSU Tigers Missouri Tigers Probable Loss at Alabama Elephants at Auburn Tigers If they have a good season, they win 5 of the toss up games and go 9-3. If they have an average season, they win 3 of the toss up games and go 7-5. If they have a bad season, they win 1 of the toss up games and go 5-7. Therefore, I predict a National Championship aka 8-4.
  11. I grew up with burnt orange blood in my veins (mom was a horn). I only applied to 1 school (Texas). That being said, I played baseball in high school and I had the opportunity to play for a few small programs, but not D1. Texas was my dream school and that's where I decided to go, but I didn't get to play baseball there. All that being said, I did baseball camp at Texas, Rice & A&M during the summertime each year during high school. If I had received a D1 offer from A&M, and not Texas, I would have taken it as much as it pains me to say that... For what its worth, I wou
  12. Wow at these highlights... Link: Mykkele Thompson Highlights I'm sure it won't happen, but I wish he could switch to offense or at least could play some wildcat. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Z3h48P5LKmQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  13. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 495] <tbody>[TR] [TD=bgcolor: lightgray, align: center]SEC Endowment[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: lightgray, align: center] FY 2013 [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: lightgray, align: center] FY 2012 [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: lightgray, align: center]Change[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Texas A&M[/TD] [TD=align: right] 8,732,010[/TD] [TD=align: right] 7,638,555[/TD] [TD=align: right] 1,093,455[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Vanderbilt[/TD] [TD=align: right] 3,673,434[/TD] [TD=align: right] 3,399,293[/TD] [TD=align: right] 274,141[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Florida[/TD] [
  14. And this is why Mack Brown lost his job. He averaged 11.5 wins/year (overachieved) from 2004 to 2009 but then only averaged 7.5 wins/year (underachieved) from 2010 to 2013. It averages out nicely to 9.9 wins/year, but it doesn't get the job done at the end of the day. I have added a new column for Top 5 finishes over the last 10 years. (AP Poll) Some interesting notes... The top 11 schools sorted by average rivals rankings occupy 32 of the 50 top 5 spots (64%) 9/11 of these schools have more than 1 top 5 finish. Only Michigan (0) and FSU (1) do not. Only 4 other schools hav

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