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    Dieselprime reacted to BevoBlake in 2015 Recruiting Thread   
    Riley Ferguson's HUDL for anyone who would like to view it.
    Obviously you can have a discussion about the level of competition. But the kid would be starting for Tennessee had he stayed. It would be difficult to say that he won't come in and take the job immediately from Heard and Swoopes.
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    Dieselprime reacted to TeamMayhall in Breaking News: Sterlin Gilbert Interviewed This Morning for OC Position   
    [Tweet = https://twitter.com/WillBaizer/status/674651494801473536]
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    Dieselprime reacted to MikeV73 in Sonny Cumbie and Texas   
    When does the latest edition of Crossfire come out to clear the picture?
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    Dieselprime reacted to Sirhornsalot in Sonny Cumbie and Texas   
    What I've heard this evening . . . Cumbie has been contacted and talks have been held by "feelers" but nothing is eminent as of yet.
    Looks like we're going to get Clint Hurtt as I was told UT is going to pursue it because Charlie really wants him. There will be zero tolerance for the funny stuff.
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    Dieselprime reacted to DMAC in Our DC should be Fired before Midnight   
    I expect the fire coaches after losses to Iowa State but not after #12 Baylor in Waco especially considering we were playing what 5-6 freshmen. New staters at LB and the secondary. It was conservative but we won. So just enjoy the win for once.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Hiphopopotamos in Our DC should be Fired before Midnight   
    That makes sense considering most of our defense were straight out of high school.
    Give up 17 points to Baylor and win the game playing mostly true freshmen - better fire the DC.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Sirhornsalot in Its time to fire Strong   
    From TexLarry   "Strong will leave after the season ends. Excellent source."
    The phrase "Im pissed. I'm stunned. It's Mack Brown" was TexLarry. He's been right about a ton of stuff, but nothing so significant since Mack Brown.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from Bear19 in Its time to fire Strong   
    Yes obviously, but if that part of the story is wrong, saying Sexton is Charlie's agent would be comparable to saying Butch Harmon is Tiger Woods swing coach. No matter how much zeal there is to get their stories out first, someone is going to catch a huge error like that because it would destroy the rumor/story. So far the only ones that have disputed that at all was some posters on HD and if Hig was involved he's about the most pro charlie guy out there. Just for the record, I don't believe the story and I would genuinely be shocked if Charlie went anywhere this year but I just don't believe every single major news site would miss that big of detail no matter how incompetent they have shown themselves to be in the past.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from Godz40acres in Report: Charlie Strong not interested in Miami job   
    Glad to see the rumors getting shot down. We need Strong to succeed here.
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    Dieselprime reacted to primal defense in Report: Charlie Strong not interested in Miami job   
    Good, I hope this ends the reports that he wants to go to Miami.
    Report: Charlie Strong not interested in Miami job

    Charlie Strong’s name has been mentioned in connection with the Miami Hurricanes’ coaching job, but a new report says he is not interested in leaving Austin for South Florida.
    A Miami Herald item about the Hurricanes job mentioned that Butch Davis is very much a contender for the gig. Also in the article they mentioned that Strong, Tommy Tuberville, Greg Schiano and Rob Chudzinski are being looked at or have interest.
    Strong even seemed to have a Freudian slip when he mentioned “Miami†in a press conference two weeks ago.
    Despite all the rumors and talk about Strong and the Miami job, the Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton says a source tells him the coach is not interested in leaving Texas. The source reportedly told Carlton that Strong is “very happy†at Texas.
    After getting off to a rough 1-4 start, Strong’s Longhorns have won three of four including an upset of Oklahoma to improve to 4-5. They have games against West Virginia, Texas Tech and Baylor remaining. Strong went 6-7 in his first season as Texas head coach and could be looking at a second straight losing season.
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    Dieselprime reacted to utisdabomb12 in Charlie Strong Press Conference - 08/18/15   
    Brian Davis â€@BDavisAAS 18s18 seconds ago
    Texas coach Charlie Strong to the podium. Says the team ran 125-130 plays during Saturday's scrimmage. "Just like the attitude right now."

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 16s17 seconds ago
    Strong says it's good to get guys like Tank Jackson and Hassan Ridgeway back.

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 36s36 seconds ago
    Strong said D’Onta Foreman and Chris Warren stood out in the scrimmage Saturday. #HookEm#Longhorns
    William Wilkerson â€@WVWilkerson 1m1 minute ago
    Breckyn Hager tweaked shoulder Saturday. Nothing serious. @HornsDigest

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 2m2 minutes ago
    Patrick Vahe is competing along the OL. John Burt, Holton Hill, Kris Boyd, Davante Davis are all playing well.#HookEm #Longhorns

    Mike Finger â€@mikefinger 2m2 minutes ago
    Charlie Strong, in naming offensive standouts from Saturday's scrimmage, mentions D Foreman, Warren, Burt, Swoopes and, hey, Daje Johnson.

    William Wilkerson â€@WVWilkerson 3m3 minutes ago
    Daje had two touchdowns inscrimmage. One was a reverse. Celebrated one TD with a double backflip.@HornsDigest

    Horns247 â€@Horns247 3m3 minutes ago
    Both quarterback were effective. Daje Johnson also had a big day. #HookEm #Longhorns
    William Wilkerson â€@WVWilkerson 4m4 minutes agoAustin, TX
    . @charless_94 has been a surprise to Charlie Strong. Having a good camp. @HornsDigest

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 2m2 minutes ago
    Strong says he told Coach Haley that they've got about 12 DL that can go play right now.

    Matt Cotcher â€@MLCotcher 2m2 minutes ago
    Strong says both Hager & Gray suffered minor injuries. Doesn't sound serious

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 2m2 minutes ago
    Strong feels the #Longhorns are legitimately 12-13 deep along the DL. #HookEm #Longhorns

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 3m3 minutes ago
    Strong says the defensive front should take some pressure off the young LB's.

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 3m3 minutes ago
    Strong said the defense is good up front. He’s told Malik Jefferson there’s no pressure on him. Just needs to go play. #HookEm #Longhorns
    Roger Wallace â€@rwallacekxan 49s50 seconds ago
    Strong: Monitors in locker room constantly showing Notre Dame games.

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 53s54 seconds ago
    Strong said Adrian Colbert has stepped up with DeShon Elliott out nursing a toe injury. #HookEm#Longhorns

    Horns247 â€@Horns247 33s34 seconds ago
    Strong on Shawn Watson: “He’s so detailed.†Said attitude of QBs is “totally different†in this camp. Swoopes has a chip on his shoulder.

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 46s47 seconds ago
    Strong says when the older guys see that the young guys can really play, they step up their game. That is what's happening.

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 3m3 minutes ago
    Tyrone Swoopes has “controlled†the offense according to Strong. He hasn’t thrown many bad balls lately.#HookEm #Longhorns

    Ricky Doyle â€@RickyDoyle 4m4 minutes ago
    Strong says there is separation at QB. Swoopes establishing himself.
    Horns247 â€@Horns247 50s51 seconds ago
    Strong just knocked on wood regarding what a great camp Daje Johnson has had. #HookEm #Longhorns

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 22s23 seconds ago
    Duke Thomas, Kris Boyd, Ryan Newsome and Daje Johnson have all worked returns in camp. D’nota Foreman has worked KR. #HookEm #Longhorns

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 1m1 minute ago
    Strong says guys like Duke Thomas, Peter Jinkens, Taylor Doyle, Sed Flowers, & Daje Johnson are really leading the young guys.
    William Wilkerson â€@WVWilkerson 48s48 seconds ago Austin, TX
    Johnathan Gray recently told Strong he wants to be on punt team. Now everyone wants to be on punt team. @HornsDigest

    Justin Wells â€@justinwells2424 53s53 seconds ago
    "Kris Boyd is looking good." - Strong, on Gilmer native & UT freshman DB @kris23db #HookEm#bEASTtexas

    Matt Cotcher â€@MLCotcher 10s10 seconds ago
    J. Gray asked to be on punt coverage team & Strong says he started a trend: "Now everybody wants to do it." Says that's the attitude in camp

    Horns247 â€@Horns247 10s10 seconds ago
    Strong freshmen haven’t backed down during camp. Said older guys have brought them in. #HookEm#Longhorns
    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 22s23 seconds ago
    Strong says the Clarington decision will be made this week by the NCAA.

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 14s14 seconds ago
    Strong said Tyrone Swoopes no longer walks around with his head down: “I told him he can’t do that anymore.†#HookEm #Longhorns

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 21s22 seconds ago
    Strong says Tyrone Swoopes body language has changed this year.
    Horns247 â€@Horns247 34s34 seconds ago
    Strong said he’s challenged Swoopes to bounce back mentally from the horrible end to the 2014 season.#HookEm #Longhorns

    Andrew King â€@Andrew_TFB 19s19 seconds ago
    Strong says WR Armanti Foreman has had a really good camp.
    Horns247 â€@Horns247 49s49 seconds ago
    Strong said everything looks good in practice, but the challenge will come in South Bend. He’s anxious to see how they react. #HookEm

    Sean Adams â€@thatsean 22s23 seconds ago
    Charlie Strong on Watson - "The quarterbacks are growing because Shawn Watson is such a good teacher."

    Jeff Howe â€@JeffHowe247 58s58 seconds ago
    Strong said the main thing he wants from his team against Notre Dame is for them to play smart.#HookEm #Longhorns
    Jason Suchomel â€@OB_JasonS 35s36 seconds ago
    Couple key takeaways from Strong's PC. NCAA supposed to issue word on Devonaire Clarington this week, maybe as early as today.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Sirhornsalot in Sunday Open Practice @DKR   
    Agree there. And Swoopes has always been a great practice player. Its when the lights turn on against a decent opponent that he runs into some sort of voodoo.
    Thats why when I hear "Swoopes looked great" I'm like "where have I heard that before?" No disrespect to the guys bringing in the practice info, mind you. Your reports are invaluable here.
    Hard to improvise in structured practice work. Thats where Heard excels. Unfortunately for him, he'll be judged by what he does in practice. He better step it up.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Will Baizer in Sunday Open Practice @DKR   
    8/9 Practice Report
    Holy... it was hot out there. I made the mistake of sitting on the West side during the beginning to focus mainly on the QBs and WRs. Yall saw my vine videos up top (Give those some retweets). But let me get right into my thoughts.
    My Stuffs
    We started off in the bull ring with Breckyn Hager demolishing Chris Warren. What a way to start practice. That got everyone pumped QBs I think Swoopes is just better than Heard. Heard is not getting any first team reps. Swoopes made some bone head plays like double pumping before throwing it and fumbling the ball on another, but his pass is just a thing of beauty when he gets it off. Heard made some good decisions but his passing ability just isnt there. Kai Locksley was killing it vs the 3rd stringers. He wasn't doing so well during the QB drills but once he got on the field he flipped a switch. Matthew Merrick needs a redshirt. WRs Oh my lord! Armanti Foreman was killing it out there as you saw in my videos above. He was climbing ladders to pull balls away from our best CBs Marcus Johnson did pretty well today. Nothing jaw dropping but he was consistent. He caught the balls he needed to.actually I lied. He made like one or two great plays. His route running is a lot better Daje Johnson > Ryan Newsome no doubt about itDaje looked good today. Ran good routes and he and Ryan were used in reverses during the scrimmage. Daje broke his off for 15 yards. Ryan got caught in the backfield (OL's fault) Ryan Newsome and Dorian Leonard are very inconsistent. Ryan more than Leonard. Ryan made some good catches at times and dropped a few deep balls. Dorian may have cinderblock hands or feather hands? I can't tell at times. You can't tell whether he'll make a catch or not on a simple play. John Burt will be very good. He runs clean routes, he's got good hands, but he didn't get very many targets. The one target he did get Swoopes double clutched and Antwaun Davis(maybe?) jumped the ball. Lorenzo Joe hurt his ankle twice. First time after losing an interception to Duke Thomas (not his fault) and the second time after making a good play on a pass from Heard DeAndre McNeal is an instant mismatch. Faster than LBs and bigger than CBs. Didn't get many targets. Foreman, Burt and McNeal are my instant favorites for the WRs. They were always in the middle of everything and making things interesting Daje got a lot of targets. They are trying to get the ball in his hands whenever wherever RB/LB Malik and Jonathan Gray are all that and more. ​They went up against eachother on one vs one and it was a tie. HUGE HIT though. That was a highlight of practice. I wanted that on film sooooo badly. I take that back Malik looked human during the scrimmage. Jonathan Gray looked like Superman Cecil Cherry took a step backwards today, but he's still pretty good Deonta Foreman was 2nd team reps and he just ran over our LBs like they were CBs. He made our LBs look like CB in size too. Warren is a beast of a man. He or Foreman will be your third and short guys. I love Kirk Johnson after today. He's flashy and fast and just torched our LBs OL/DL Tank Jackson was taking second team reps again today. I don't know why. He was doing pretty well against first team in drills Hassan Ridgeway was MIA Shiro Davis looked decent today Tristan Nickelson is ginormous!!!!!! But he moves like a giant too (slow). He got beat on the reg Our first team line looks pretty good! but if one of them falls and we have to fill in the gaps with 2nd team well... it wont be pretty. hopefully Wick cleans that up Maybe it is that we just have a lot of depth in our DL Flowers and Doyle were killing it out there. Connor Williams looks skinny! But he held his own against our first team DE, but he got beat by Shiro... DBs Duke Thomas looked really really good at times and mediocre on others (mainly against Foreman)Not only is he the leader by example he was yelling the entire time. He's now my brothers favorite player because of the amount of times he was chirping at Swoopes to "don't do it again" meaning don't pass it to my player again (who was Marcus Johnson). I mean our DBs were pretty damn solid. Swoopes was having a lot of trouble trying to find any one open at times. He often times (when he has to throw it b/c its a drill) had to throw it to a guy who was getting drapped or double teamed b/c they were the most wide open. Kris Boyd and Davante Davis needs some tune ups but they're still pretty good. John Bonney will be our best CB with Duke Thomas when we play ND. I guarantee it. Where in the world is Holton Hill? All in all good energy, good progress, good all around.
    If you have any questions on any players or anything at all just ask me!
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    Dieselprime reacted to Johnstark23 in Please welcome new HornSports contributor Jon Nemec   
    Yours will come all the way from Dubai :-)
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from Godz40acres in Opening Practice - (edit: report added)   
    Haha not a chance. If anything it will make the team stronger. When you're out there sweating and competing in the 100 degree weather tension is going to build and tempers are going to flare.  Sometimes a good fight can help players gain respect and even trust for each other so that when things get tough in a game they know that teammates won't back down from adversity.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from hornag in Opening Practice - (edit: report added)   
    Haha not a chance. If anything it will make the team stronger. When you're out there sweating and competing in the 100 degree weather tension is going to build and tempers are going to flare.  Sometimes a good fight can help players gain respect and even trust for each other so that when things get tough in a game they know that teammates won't back down from adversity.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in ESPN: Charlie Strong sees attitude change with QB Jerrod Heard, young Longhorns   
    And that's the reason why aggy doesn't finish any higher than 5th.  Even with Chavis as a DC and a ball control offense, LSU still had a hard time coming out on top in the West.
    aTm will probably lose to all 4 of those teams and will probably lose to either Ole Miss or State.
    7-5 is their ceiling. If they lose the opener they very well may finish 6-6. My only question is do they fire Stumblin or let him coach out the rest of his contract.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Juan in Oh Aggy.   
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from java in Oh Aggy.   
    See now that just looks like a cheap knock off jersey. 
    There are 3 logo's on the front of that jersey but only 2 that you can actually see.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from TeamMayhall in Preseason content   
    Y'all know when practice ends so we can get some of dem updates?

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    Dieselprime reacted to Bear19 in 2016 Recruiting - Week #24-26   
    My attitude would be "juan, post wherever the F@#K you want."
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    Dieselprime reacted to DMAC in 2016 Recruiting - Week #24-26   
    Juan lives on these boards.  He is probably 90% of the information on these boards.  Good Stuff
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from Mitch Lovell in Notre Dame Game   
    Figured this might get the Team Heard people excited.
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    Dieselprime got a reaction from DBut82 in Burnt Ends (8-3)   
    Well then now it's official. We will be in the playoffs.
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    Dieselprime reacted to Mike Roach in Please welcome new contributor Ryan Bridges to the site   
    We introduced you guys to Will Baizer already and now we are happy to announce his podcast partner Ryan Bridges has joined HornSports as a contributing writer. Ryan is strong in X's and O's and film evaluation, and both he and Will are going to help me with rankings and recruiting evaluation. So once again, please extend that customary brand of hospitality to Ryan.

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