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  1. Just temporarily disable it for that page
  2. If we get blown out by Tech then the group of BMD that are creating smoke will build things up to an all out fire storm. Strong wasn't the first, second or third choice for a lot of the BMD but they've played nice for the most part for the sake of the university. I think all that changes if we aren't competitive against Tech. Thanksgiving to Dec 5 will be plenty of time for the BMD to unite and push Charlie out the door.
  3. A poster on the shag is saying the ob insiders jffcruise and lamar littrell agree with him. I don't know anything about those guys but I'm guessing they're credible?
  4. I know he predicted Mack Brown but what else has he called right? I'm not familiar with him but everyone acts like he's the voice of God when it comes to Texas coaching info
  5. Yes obviously, but if that part of the story is wrong, saying Sexton is Charlie's agent would be comparable to saying Butch Harmon is Tiger Woods swing coach. No matter how much zeal there is to get their stories out first, someone is going to catch a huge error like that because it would destroy the rumor/story. So far the only ones that have disputed that at all was some posters on HD and if Hig was involved he's about the most pro charlie guy out there. Just for the record, I don't believe the story and I would genuinely be shocked if Charlie went anywhere this year but I just don't believe every single major news site would miss that big of detail no matter how incompetent they have shown themselves to be in the past.
  6. Glad to see the rumors getting shot down. We need Strong to succeed here.
  7. That would be interesting if true. It's strange that so many major publications including Cbssports and NBCs College Football talk would miss a major detail like that.
  8. Supposedly Jimmy Sexton(Charlie's agent) is putting it out there that Charlie isn't happy at Texas. The Miami sites are all trying to say that he at least has a interest in the job. Now I'm sure Sexton is just doing the same thing he did for Saban and trying to get more money for his client but these are the exact kind of rumors you don't need out there when you have coaches like Art Briles telling recruits that Charlie won't be at Texas for much longer.
  9. Haha not a chance. If anything it will make the team stronger. When you're out there sweating and competing in the 100 degree weather tension is going to build and tempers are going to flare. Sometimes a good fight can help players gain respect and even trust for each other so that when things get tough in a game they know that teammates won't back down from adversity.
  10. And that's the reason why aggy doesn't finish any higher than 5th. Even with Chavis as a DC and a ball control offense, LSU still had a hard time coming out on top in the West. aTm will probably lose to all 4 of those teams and will probably lose to either Ole Miss or State. 7-5 is their ceiling. If they lose the opener they very well may finish 6-6. My only question is do they fire Stumblin or let him coach out the rest of his contract.
  11. Y'all know when practice ends so we can get some of dem updates?
  12. See now that just looks like a cheap knock off jersey. There are 3 logo's on the front of that jersey but only 2 that you can actually see.
  13. Figured this might get the Team Heard people excited. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  14. Well then now it's official. We will be in the playoffs.
  15. My opinion has been, no one is leaving the Big12 before the GOR ends so for Texas that gives us plenty of chance to evaluate the CFB landscape until then. Things change rapidly and in the next 10 years I'm sure things will be a lot different than they are right now. Being an Independent doesn't make any sense anymore and If I were a betting man I would say you will eventually see teams like ND join a conference. IMO, if all the P5 schools are locked in their conference, we should just add BYU and Cincy and see if over the next 9-10 years they become a national player. We can reform a Big12 north and still play nine conference games a year if we want. Having a championship game will be a great chance to showcase our best teams and build up the winner's playoff resume.
  16. Yup been seeing that all over the interwebs too. I'm happy for Texas because it will discourage other recruits from trying to back out of commitments. I'm kinda 50/50 on Lampkin. Part of me feels bad for the kid for either listening to bad advice from some other people *cough* Stoops *cough* or just being too afraid to try to take the second half of Spanish. At the same time, he knew exactly what was expected of him and failed to do it. It's a tough lesson, especially at the age of 18, but hopefully he learns from it and becomes a better man because of it.
  17. I'm willing to give watson this year before I blow my top but I think if the offense starts to sputter early on you're going to see him going back to being just the QB coach and someone like Norvell take the reigns.
  18. It really falls on how fast we start the season with Notre Dame being the biggest barometer imo. Win the first game or keep it extremely tight until the end and I think we can get to 9 wins. Get blown out and I'll start getting worried.
  19. yeah um yeah that's definitely got to be it
  20. And that's not the argument I'm trying to make. Betting on a game you're involved in makes you ineligible permanently but a forward thinking commissioner could look at the circumstances and see that he's been banned from the game for over 25 years and his actions did nothing to effect the integrity of the game. It's not like anyone will look at a 25+ year ban and think he got off easy. To me, this is where baseball should use common sense and not stick to the "He has gambled on baseball and shall forever be banished!". Reinstating him after his long ban would be the right move. The catch to everything I've said is this, If anyone ever provides proof that he gambled against his team then he shouldn't even be allowed to sell snow cones at a tee-ball game.
  21. I'm not trying to absolve him of anything, I just said IMO he didn't do anything to compromise the integrity of the game. There is a Massive difference between betting on yourself to be the best versus betting on the team you're playing that day and "taking a dive". I've never seen this much outrage over a pitcher having a little something extra in his glove which can have a direct effect on the game. I've even started hearing the radio guys mumble about Clemens, one of the best pitchers ever to play the game, and Bonds, the current HR king, being allowed in the hall of fame but for some reason with Rose its an absolute no way, no questions asked even before this latest scandal. I guess this is where baseball lost me. Not over Pete Rose, because to be honest I'm not all that passionate over the subject, but this constant clinging to the unwritten rules no matter how much sense or logic is involved. Why is it okay for a pitcher to retaliate for a guy taking him yard, but not okay for a guy to show more than 1 second of joy over hitting that same home run? Why is it not okay to do everything you can to break up a no hitter but instead pulling a Brett Farve and taking a sack so a guy can get a record? What is so bad about a guy betting on himself and his teammates to win a game but no one will ever be banned for life from baseball for adding some pine tar to a glove or using a corked bat both of which can potentially change the outcome of the game? I'm not trying to insult anyone here or your opinions but pro level baseball's unwritten rules and reluctance to change has turned me off on the game and judging from its fall from unquestioned #1 sport in the country to 3rd or 4th, I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.
  22. I know its not a popular opinion but I couldn't care less about Rose betting on baseball. From all appearances, it looks like he bet on his own team to win so I doubt he was effecting the "integrity" of the game. He wasn't going to have any chance to get in before he died anyways ,imo, so the story doesn't really change my opinion of the situation. .
  23. I agree but I think you are making a giant assumption if you think any of them actually look at themselves in the mirror. Self reflection isn't exactly Aggy's strong suit

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