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  1. Hard for me to say since I was only able to watch about 2 games on TV last year. But .500 is a probably a good goal for this team and anything less than 90 losses would indicate progress. Sigh...
  2. This. Chamber of Commerce weather in Houston this weekend. 72, a nice breeze, and around 50% humidity. The weather is absolutely intolerable for about 4-5 months but if you think this is hot then you really may want to consider another relocation.
  3. My experience one on one with aggy has usually been pretty good. It's only when 2 or more of them have gathered that I start having problems. I guess their cult mentality starts kicking in. This said I have never carpooled with one. Could spell trouble.
  4. Yikes, I'm sure I'd need more than a couple Tylenol after knee replacement surgery! My neighbor had that a couple years ago and I heard the rehab can be pretty rough.
  5. Good deal! Looks like you're on track to come up with some concoction that works! You can play w/ the dose of Benadryl and figure out what does it for you.
  6. The active ingredient in the "PM" part of Tylenol PM is exactly the same as Benadryl. Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg. Unless your husband needs the Tylenol for pain or fever reduction then he can accomplish the same thing with Benadryl (or Wal-Dryl which is the generic equivalent at Walgreens) at a much lower cost.
  7. I take half a Benadryl every night. Go to bed, read a bit, and usually start nodding off about 20-30 minutes later. It takes the edge off a bit, and also if I wake up in the middle of the night it makes it easier to get right back to sleep). No side effects in the morning (if I take a whole one I may feel a little sluggish for the first couple hours, which is why I take half; and I'm 6'1" 195). I asked my doctor if there were any negatives with this regimen and his said Benadryl is one of the "safest", non problem-causing things you can take. Also very cheap. Also if you look at the active ingredient of all these Zquil-type drugs it is exactly the same as Benadryl. Exactly. I've also found that if I am exercising that I sleep much, much better. I have NOT been exercising lately, for which I have a variety of excuses, but I sleep night and day better (no pun intended) when I exercise. Last thing, beware of just popping some herb or other "natural" substance under the assumption that it must be good for you. Anything you put into your body will have some affect, sometimes positive but also sometimes negative, particularly over a prolonged period of time. Melatonin is one such example. So if you do decide to take something you definitely want to read up on it and then stay in-tune with the affect it is having on your body. This is essentially one of the reasons I've stuck with Benadryl; it has been around forever and there is a ton of data on effects. Not so much with a lot of the "natural" stuff. And I say this as someone that is all about "natural" remedies if one can be had. But just saying you have to be just as careful with that, or at least as vigilant, as would with any other drug.
  8. Exactly how I felt before I had my own kid. Now I'm a a natural. Heh.
  9. Strong and Mack Brown is like oil vs. vinegar. It's laughable to think that anyone thought we would NOT lose some recruits. Remind me not to get stuck in a foxhole with some of you guys. Geez.
  10. You seem to feel that the days of Texas being able to recruit 4 and 5 stars are over. Why?
  11. Amen. It's baffling to read all the hand-wringing up here about how Texas doesn't have enough talent. Been reading this garbage for years. Meanwhile teams like WVU, K-State, Okie State, Baylor, and TCU have been hitting us in the mouth. Is there anyone who will seriously argue than any of these teams have more talent than us? On paper or otherwise? The rub on Texas has always been that the talent was not always getting coached up. That's because we had a great CEO and recruiter but not a nuts and bolts coach. Now we have a true "football coach", and if history is any indication a great recruiter who just needs some time (i.e. more than 3-4 weeks) to build relationships here in Texas. We are going to be fine. The kids that are here are going to want to be here, they're going to be hard workers, they're going to be tough, and all this is going to manifest itself on the field. But it's not going to happen overnight.
  12. Agree 100%. Can't get too worked up about this class. Mack and Strong are night and day different and so no surprise that some are going to walk away (especially when according to CBS Mack actually encouraged them to explore other opportunities). But you could not have put it better when you said that winning will be Strong's currency. By the end of 2014 we need to see solid signs that things are going in the right direction, perhaps not in record (8-4 is a worst case for me) but in our attitude on the field. We should be able to see what this program can become by next November. If things do not seem on track by that point then we may be looking for a new coach (and AD) to start 2016. But Strong knows what's at stake. He's going to put his heart into this, which is all one can ask. I'm very optimistic.
  13. With all due respect, do we really have to rehash all of this? I mean, we just completed 6+ week gauntlet of this sort of analysis. I have no idea if Strong was the best hire, time will tell, but we are where we are so lets focus on today. I for one am excited about the future and the coming culture change. I think Texas is going to be tough again, and it's been a long, long time since we've been able to say that.
  14. First, invites were likely made weeks in advance. You don't "uninvite" them (for many obvious reasons) Second, from all that's been written I don't know how one could say that Mack didn't have every intent to coach in 2014. I too don't like how it all went down but I believe this particular accusation is warrantless.
  15. Yeah I understand it's a lot of money, and I understand that money doesn't solve all problems and that there are other issues at play, not the least of which are egos. But we are talking Texas Football, right? Again, I'm not necessarily arguing that we should pay that much for Chad Morris, or even that he is necessarily the best guy for the job. On the other hand, if Charlie Strong has walked into Patterson's office and said "Chad Morris is the guy I'd like to hire and Chad said that he would like to come here, however he has a $5.1M buyout...", then given the type of revenues we enjoy, as well as all the intangibles, I don't understand why we wouldn't pull the trigger in that case. Of course it is not my money. But again, what is the use of making all that money if you're not going to spend it on the football program? Again these are all hypothetical and I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. But for all we hear about the Texas revenues, $5.1M seems like a drop in the bucket if it means landing the guy that the new regime thinks can get us over the top. Shrug. Again not my money.
  16. So the buyout for Chad Morris is $5.1M. If that is the only sticking point, why would Texas not pull the trigger on this? Money does you no good unless you spend it, correct? We are one of the very few athletic departments that operates in the black (and we operate waaayyy in the black). In all seriousness, what is $5.1M to a bunch of billionaire Texas alums? And I'm only using Chad Morris as an example. He may or may not be "the guy". But my point is, why in the world would money get in the way of Texas, of all programs/alum bases, hiring who they want (or rather who Coach Strong wants)?
  17. This is actually pretty startling, that we can't seem to poach coaches from other schools. There was a time that Mack was bringing in former DCs to be DL coaches, etc. I like Strong a lot but was expecting a strong surrounding staff to go with him. Certainly not time to hit the panic button, but frankly I expected more with this regime change. But who knows, maybe they'll win them all. All on Patterson though.
  18. This. If "Friend of Bevo" is angry today he and his buddies can look in the mirror. Why would a Saban or Harbaugh want to work in those conditions, where he's expected to glad hand and never knows who his boss is. Donors can give, and if they want to voice their opinion then they can stop giving. But not their place to schedule behind the back clandestine meetings with coaches. I imagine Saban and Harbaugh were saying what a bunch of buffoons, who is running the show over there. And I wanted Saban. But I'm glad Patterson went with his guy and I'm excited about Strong.
  19. I don't agree with the premise of him being unemployable forever if Strong isn't able to bring him. We are a nation of second chances and if he is good he will get another chance at coaching. Somewhere someday. I don't see this as having anything to do with Patrerson's problem. Patterson's "conundrum" is too many BMDs in the way who have made this a circus.
  20. So does that mean Patterson and Sexton aren't sharing a hunting lease anymore? LOL. So much crap flying around. Not saying your post is, but obviously someone doesn't know what they're talking about.
  21. There isn't anyone "in the know". That much is obvious
  22. McPhaul, It is ridiculous that you are on the receiving end of that kind of stuff. And more especially that sponsors are bailing. My only criticism has to do with that "Merry Christmas" post, which I thought was a little overly-enthused even at the time. I understand, and believe, that you were only posting what your sources were telling you. This is all that most of us were asking for, information. I do think that there are some donors that fancy themselves as being more connected than perhaps they really are. Nothing sinister, just big egos. But I've never felt you personally had any agenda other than to post what you were hearing. And for this I am grateful. Let's all get behind the new coach, whoever he is, and at the same time continue to make this the best Horns site out there.
  23. Surprising to me as well as with a blank check I would think you want to try and assemble the best. This said I'm a big believer in empowerment and accountability. I wouldn't accept a job if I wasn't able to hire who I want to. Hurtt being the exception due to sanctions, CS should be able to hire whoever he thinks will help him win the most games. If he fails then it's on him. This is how it should be. We're all big boys here.

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