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About mrtaylorduck

  • Birthday 07/08/1932


  • Biography
    Living the life of a slammer pog
  • Location
    Gygaxville, Heaven
  • Interests
    RPG's. That's it.
  • Occupation
    Missin her.

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  1. I was talking about the fat man thing. I'm short, but not fat. Although I don't really see how that matters. If you picture me as a fat person, I'm ok with that.
  2. What does that mean? I'm on the outside again it appears....
  3. Let's rap. I'm jamming some Katy Perry, feeling pretty good. What's going down in your life?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ateQQc-AgEM addiction that i can't deny
  5. Man I really like that first jam. Naturally......cot dam
  6. Man im pounding some cold ones myself. What's going on? How's life Dan Marinbro?
  7. Like, really, can I get a job? I can pack a large sock with my belongings. Gotta buy that sock though.
  8. Man I have an interest in not being all that interested in that much. What's going down in the Ghanistan? What the high hell are you doing over there? Can I get a job?
  9. That font coloring is making me real uncomfortable. And i like to view myself as a colorblind type of guy. Loads of shattering going on. I kinda consider that most people have a remarkable story to tell. Even if it's shitty. It's still remarkable. OH brother If you can afford a dome, make it yuour home.

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