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  1. let's be honest, any addition fantastic news at that position. We need depth and competition. Ash has never been healthy for an entire season and has major questions coming into spring. Swoopes is extremely raw. Needs a lot of work. Heard is a true freshman. Strong, Wickline and Watson need more players to work with.
  2. nothing is official just yet: but if Strong has taken both his coordinators and made them among the top paid coordinators in all of college football something is wrong. That was not a top staff at Louisville. Bringing a couple of guys with you because you're comfortable is one thing. Bring in a Coordinator who struggled to score points with a Heisman level QB is another. Watson was fired from Nebraska for being too conservative and not developing his QBs. He backed into the UL job when his boss was struggling. This is not a top OC or anywhere near it. Bedford is not a great DC, but since strong covers that side of the ball I have no worries. we're all in a situation where we just have to trust Strong, but if it's Watson I think it's going to be a very hard sell to recruits going up against Stoops, Briles, Gundy and Sumlin. I just hope he changes his offense to suit what the kids in the state want to play in. Scoring 20 points against Houston and 24 points against Memphis while bleeding the clock out on every play isn't going to cut it. Just have to have faith in Strong at this point.
  3. yea, like I said banquet weekend and the timing of the dark window in recruiting kinda all came together. Texas always does things with a plan and Patterson is leading us in the right direction. He will have earned his salary by January.
  4. agree 100%. It was time for him to step down after 2010, imo. He's been stubborn to try to stay on as long as he has. Deloss and Mack and Powers were all too close to each other and it distorted their objectivity and created an environment of no accountability.
  5. not disagreeing. But he's playing ball right now more than we realize and give him credit for. He could be using his many friends in the media to make this look really bad for Texas. I'm just saying he's not the egomaniac than many are trying to make him out to be. You think bo pelini would be going out like this? Or Steve Spurrier? Or Joe Pa for that matter. It would be a nightmare for Texas in the media. Everything considered, as far as public perception goes it's going very quietly from all three sides (Texas, Mack and Saban). Not one of those camps has had anything of substance to say on the issue to this point. Nothing. All of the noise is coming from other areas.
  6. not saying he's a victim. Far from it. I'm saying Mack could be making a much bigger crap storm of things. Much bigger.
  7. I've been hard on Mack at times. I admit it. I question his decision to go away from everything he had going with the spread and a mobile QB. The recruiting mistakes. The lack of oversight his program has right now. But I will never question his intent or character. I just have heard too many damn good things about him. People are upset because this isn't happening in a week. Mack wants and deserves to coach the bowl game. Anyone suggesting he doesn't is letting their emotions get the better of them.
  8. love seeing all these guys from the past in here. Great poster.
  9. But Mack's handling this well, imo. He could easily make this whole thing a nightmare for Texas. He's not. Just about any other coach would be talking to the media and making things more difficult. I think we're all just expecting too much given the circumstances. Everyone keeps bringing up USC. USC didn't fire a legend. They fired a JAG that nobody will talk about anymore and who didn't deserve that job. What's going on right now is a soap opera because that's the only way it could be in this scenario. Texas splitting ways with one of it's top 2 coaches ever and about to potentially hire maybe the best ever. This is kind of a big deal.
  10. i'm not going to knock JS. I like him. But I was told there's no way Texas announces this on Saturday. And if you think about it, Saturday would be the worst day to do something like that if you respect the players at all.
  11. I agee with Lobo. I am hearing Monday will be the day an official word comes out. Patterson is actually handling this very well everything considered. We're in good shape fellas.
  12. i don't think Mack is stalling. He's playing the game for Texas. He's taking a lot of heat but he's actually helping Texas right now in recruiting. At this stage it's all about the plan that has been laid forth. I think we'll have an official announcement on Monday. If Saban changes his mind Patterson is doing an exceptional job finding other alternatives.
  13. dude. Thanks. Glad to see you over here. Been a while.
  14. haha will do. I love SF. Just spent about a week there in November. Thanks for the kind words.
  15. JimsTexas, wow haven't heard from you in a while. How are things? And thanks guys!
  16. the money that's going to be spent for a staff will be an amazing number. One of the top recruiting coordinators in the country is rumored to be on the way if Saban inks the deal. And yes, recruiting is going to get fun again really soon.
  17. would be interesting if the LHN actually carried the announcement. I know MBTF wanted to wait until after this weekend but I'm not sure he can now.

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