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  1. This is from the thread. Quick quote. "I’m friends with the parents of one of our starting players and the external influences by activist professors is real. They are at every practice, hang out with them in the locker room, and they meet regularly with them outside of their football activities. This all started towards the end of Mack Brown’s tenure and has continued up until now." Quote: "However, they are undermining the authority of the coaches and team captains"
  2. I am not a subscriber and can read it. Try this link. https://texas.forums.rivals.com/threads/anwar.535539/
  3. Interesting take on Orangebloods about the culture. Read the Anwar thread in the Longhorn sports forum.
  4. No one knows why he has not pulled the trigger to OU. Marcus plans to graduate in December. So wherever he lands, he can rehab at the school. I know OU has already told him that. As far as Aggy, I am not sure what happened with Jackson, Aggie coaches, and the PG coaching staff. The last thing I heard was they now contact a local gym owner to get messages to Burris.
  5. Sorry, I have not checked the board in a few days. Torrey Phillips is a “diamond in the rough”. I think he has the best feet of all the big men on the PG team. For a kid his size, he can handle the basketball really well. To me, he projects as an offensive tackle. I know Kansas has already told him he is an offensive recruit. Torrey has not come up through the PG system, so the buy-in has not always been there. The word is he took a big step to correct that this year. He has put the work in and should see significant playing time. He did not play a ton of minutes in last years playoff run because he tended to take plays off. When I see him, I tend to think of Jason Peters of Queen City TX. At the the time B Norton of T High was telling Mack Brown to recruit him, but Brown felt like he took too many plays off. However, football has been good to Jason Peters. Could Phillips be another Peters, only time will tell. At this point, I am not sure Texas can take a chance on Phillips due to potential grade issues(he was not eligible at one point during basketball season) and not enough solid film work. I hope it all works out for him because he could change his and his family’s life.
  6. Achilles I was told. It happened in the last 10 minutes of the workout. He was running when it happened. I hate it for him and the team.
  7. I was told last night that he was going to OU.
  8. Texas just needs to continue to build upon the already established relationships with the PG staff. After this 2021 group leaves, there is still some D1 talent coming. They are just young at this point.
  9. Burris shares very little information . You get bits and pieces from different people. I have not heard that Texas is out of it with Burris. The last school that I heard mentioned was OU, and that was from two different people.
  10. From what I can gather, Jackson and other PG recruits are encouraged to enjoy the process. Look for Jackson to possibly take a visit to Washington. The best thing Texas could have done was change the defensive philosophy. Prior to that change, the outlook was not good.
  11. Ha. And they are at Aggy this weekend too. I will add Texas has always been in the mix with Jackson. Burris says very little to anyone, including friends. One of them did post they were going to the same school together a couple of weeks ago in a Snapchat. They quickly took it down. The rumor of Texas taking Jackson, Burris, and Martin is interesting. Maybe Texas knows Burris and Martin are fairly tight. Martin has been on a visit with Burris to Aggy. Still alot of recruting left for these guys.
  12. Rumor is Texas said they would take all three in Jackson, Burris, and Nick Martin. However, I have not seen an official Texas offer to Martin. Also, the feeling is Texas is leading with both Jackson and Burris now.
  13. I would love to see Burris at Texas, just an awesome kid on and off the field. He shares very little information. Some people feel his upside is better than Jacksons.
  14. In regards to Jackson and Burris, there have been some changes since this past August. There was talk of then not going to the same school. I will not go in to details but when one becomes more mature and team oriented things tend to change for the better. I have since heard that them ending up at the same school could be a possibility. What Sirhornsalot posted makes sense with what I heard the other day.

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