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  1. If Rambo flips I think Baylor would be a player. His high school coach went there and they were very close.
  2. It's pretty simple. Winning breeds success. Herman was top recruiter for Ohio State and ran the offense that won National Championship. He took that Houston and had very good success. He is so impressive in every interview with detailed answers of what should work and the discipline he expects. Texas has athletes on the roster right now. Herman seems poised to harness that talent and compete right away. I just don't see bad losses in the future. (Ones where we are just flat or out coached) I imagine in every game against a ranked opponent we will compete and probably even pull some upsets. Once that happens the talent gravitates. If Herman is successful, he will be like Saban and Meyer. Recruits will know that they are not going anywhere and trust them. Let's be honest. Charlie was always on a bit of a hot seat. He is set up to succeed
  3. Watching Clemson win tonight it gave me confidence in the future. NO!!! We won't win a National Championship next year. But what if we are 9 and 3 and beat Stanford in the Holiday Bowl? What if we are 8 and 4 and beat LSU in the Texas Bowl? What if we are 11 and 1 and lose the first round of the playoffs? What if we are 6 and 5 lose 4 games by less than 4 points? Winning breeds success. Herman is impressive in every press conference so far. I feel good. Herman is set to be successful
  4. I think the quicker we get him here, the quicker he can start recruiting.
  5. Well if Ohio State loses, we see if our new OC is who we think it is. I would imagine that would progress quickly if he is indeed the guy.
  6. Anyone know a timeline on Sheffield? He is an EE. He needs to register for spring classes. He has to be close to announcing. Tick Tock Tick Tock
  7. Is there a timeline we can expect to hear his choice? Isn't he planning on attending school this spring.
  8. Pass along our prayers and thoughts. Tell him to apply himself, seek all academic help they offer. I feel for some of these kids. Probably smarter than most of us but never had anyone there to encourage him and stay on him about his studies. Hope he thrives and gets back to D1 opportunity.
  9. That could be true. Probably is. But Stoops does have a reputation of cutting loose problem athletes. Rhett Bomar, etc... Is it possible this kid learned from his mistake? I could care less. But I also don't want a decent humans life ruined over one mistake. It was a horrible mistake. But if he learned his lesson, maybe he can be an example down the line.
  10. Let me start out by saying the Mixon tape is disturbing at best. I am also a Longhorn die hard fan and love seeing misery for OU. I also just watched the Mixon press conference. I didn't realize this was over two years ago. He sat out a year suspended and had to adhere to certain requirements before returning to the field. Whether or not he should have ever returned to OU's team can be debated. I for one can never forgive breaking a girls jaw even if she did hit you first. But Mixon was also 18. When I was 18 my fuse was a lot shorter and I was much stupider. What is my point? Can Mixon be allowed to redeem himself? Has he been a discipline problem since this incident? I believe in redemption. I think people can learn lessons from past mistakes. I also think if not given a second chance, some kids can go down a path that destroys them and those in their path. Especially kids with no stable home life who used athletics to bette their situation. I have no clue about Mixons home life. But I believe everyone should be allowed to redeem themselves. This is my opinion. Take that into consideration before attacking the messenger if you disagree.
  11. Just remember that all these kids will be true freshman. I am excited to have them all. But we may take some lumps while they grow.
  12. Love the input. Thanks folks!! Just hadn't heard anything and thought I would ask.

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