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  1. Looking at all these tweets,football season is to far away. Haven't proved it yet PJ, but I'm with this team right now. Let's go shock the world and beat Notre Dame.
  2. http://www.burntorangenation.com/2016/7/21/12250316/ryan-newsome-transfer-texas-longhorns-tennessee-usc Good luck to Newsome, wish it would've worked better. This article says it was perceived lack of fit in the Gilbert O, specifically height preference in the slot.
  3. SI has him top 50 http://www.si.com/article-list/college-football-top-players-ranking-2016-50/malik-jefferson-texas-48-top-players-2016
  4. There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the quarterback position at Texas, especially after news broke that Tyrone Swoopes has been taking starter’s repetitions during spring practices. This has many fans very pessimistic about the offense’s prospects heading into the 2016 season. While that pessimism may be warranted, it’s purely based on past performance, which isn’t always the best way to forecast. Often times, improvement doesn’t follow a steady linear progression, but instead occurs in a jump and it’s new Texas Offensive Coordinator Sterlin Gilbert’s job to provide said jump. So, what may Coach Gilbert see in Ty? Athleticism: Ty is a big bodied athletic quarterback. Gilbert will likely favor those attributes. Size helps a quarterback stay healthy, as hits will come. Also the basic Veer framework of the offense up front allows Mattox to run more power read or ‘inverted veer’. Ty has evidenced in the past that he is capable of being an effective ‘north-south’ runner. (N.B. This is likely the reason Jerrod Heard added weight.) Big Arm: Ty can throw with good velocity and this likely sets him apart from the other quarterbacks on the roster. This may help a quarterback that is not seeing the game fast enough, as it cuts time on late recognition. Nevertheless, Ty can make all the throws and has shown in the past that he can both throw at high velocity and with touch, especially in the red zone. Seeing the Field: The faster tempo means fewer concepts. Fewer concepts means the quarterback will be a lot more rehearsed in what to look for pre and post-snap. This hopefully translates to seeing the field better. Given that Ty has shown good execution in the past, it stands to reason this new approach may give the embattled quarterback some life. What’s needed? If we look at Ty’s 2014 statistics, his only year as a starter, we can see that it wasn’t ALL bad. In 2014 as a true sophomore and behind a terrible offensive line, Ty managed the following… Now, let’s take a gander at another formerly embattled ‘terrible’ quarterback’s statistics and his perceived miraculous turnaround. In TCU’s 2014 breakout year, Trevove Boykin managed the above stat line. Note the number of attempts and the relatively low completion rate, 61.2%. It’s important to note that Boykin’s breakout year was accompanied by a stifling highly ranked defense and perhaps TCU’s best ever depth chart on offense. In brief, Boykin was no Colt McCoy, hardly in fact. By my estimation, it stands to reason that Ty doesn’t need to be special, but merely put his own stamp on the position, under Gilbert. If Ty can break the 60% completion rate threshold, it may be enough to score the points necessary for this Texas team to be successful. Couple that with a much improved defense and you have the makings of a much more balanced team. This also begs another question, how might you rate the roster on offense this year? How long has it been since Texas had talent like it does now, on offense? All in all, it’s Gilbert’s job to bring out the best in each quarterback on the roster and in the past, Ty has shown aptitude when faced with a defense that doesn’t completely overmatch the offensive personnel. You may be asking, what is Ty’s best? Well, his 2014 highlights shed light on what he is capable of, when the offense performs it’s job. Granted, the above highlights are Swoopes’ best, but I leave it to you. What if Gilbert can squeeze out more of THAT and minimize his weaknesses…why not Ty? full article link:http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2016/04/gabriels-horn-tys-last-stand/
  5. If he does, so be it. I trust his plan of succession more than yours.
  6. Your the new football expert of Texas,that's the problem with this fan base a bunch of Jerry Joneses meddling more into business that is not theirs than their own business.All I propose is to let the alum hired as AD to do his job. Do you have a problem with that?
  7. What's your plan after firing Strong,how are you improving your "Alma mater"? Another 3 years to implement the new coaches system,our does the new coach get longer because you approve of this hire? Or is there now a constant string of 1 and done coaches. Strong has made mistakes will probably make more,but we are close to returning to the top with him than without. Mike Perrin has the best interest of the university at heart,had proven it time and again,yet there are those whose hate is so blind they at willing to run this good man out of office to get rid of Strong. If Perri had a plan to move forward without Strong then so be it,if not let this good alum do his job.
  8. Setting yourself up real nice,if he wins,you were behind him all along,if he loses you had the noose at hand the whole time.Why even bring up holding him accountable in spring if you are behind him at all? Just sayin
  9. What's your definition of hold accountable? If it's fire Charlie,then perfection is to much to ask even for $5mil a year. Humans aren't capable of perfection. Who called strong perfect,we defended his right to continue a guaranteed contract against someone staying hold him accountable.
  10. Thane to save money Steve, Charlie will continue to get $5 mill a year unless he agrees to a buyout. Not in the best interest of Texas to fire him after this year. Tim Herman is a good coach and may well do good here,but he's had his documented issues with the Houston media and isn't perfect either.
  11. He's not perfect,none of us are, he's a good football coach and is on the path to success.For the best interest of the program,I hope his fate is determined by people that know the game and look at the entire body of work and not just blindly at a win loss record of another coaches players.
  12. Were you there,was he given a new budget and better options? I don't know,please enlighten me. Culture change takes time in any company or sports team,you admitted yourself you expect better this season,so you see it happening too. I respect that you've been putting your opinions on this sight far longer than I have,I'll hang up and listen again.
  13. The reason coach Strong is off to an historically bad start,he was given an historically bad hands-off. You have to go back to 1937,the last time a coach inherited a class that produced 0 NFL draft picks. Dana X Bible was 3 and 14 with 1 tie his first 2 years,went 5-4 year 3 before turning it around. Wins and loses don't tell the full story. Watch the games see talented,young,hungry,improving players. Get a feel for where the program is going,before calling out the coaching staff. What scares me is there are people in power that hung on Mack's every word in his later years that will decide the direction of the team. If we fire Strong and either baylor or wvu find a booster with deep enough picked to bring him in as DC,Texas won't rise again in big 12 until the NFL lures him away.
  14. If you can't see the difference in recruiting and development,or Charlie's ability to coach and base all your opinions on wins/loses,then no one can help you.There's a reason everytime Charlie talks to a recruit,he gets three offers. Shawn Watson was only the choice after Patterson said the richest school in the country can't afford your top 2 so go shop in the bargain bin. Stop blaming Charlie for the offensive hires.
  15. He was listed on 2004 Texas football roster as So Sq,but not on 05, championship roster. What's the story? Did he not hear Vince say we'll be back?

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