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  1. lol, I dealt with the exact same thing! Too funny.
  2. Let's shoot for 1,000. We have this weekend to talk all we want! lol
  3. You wacky Canadians! You should ALWAYS have beer!
  4. I think it may come down to draft position and how much money he would stand to make, or lose.
  5. 480 pages and counting. Wonder where we'll be at next Wed.
  6. It's looking that way. Let ya know for sure on Feb 4th!
  7. That kind of juvenile behavior is pretty much what I expect from Aggy...this may be a new low though.
  8. Hell they bitched and moaned about the possibility of playing us in a bowl game...don't think they'd wanna schedule us after NSD! lol
  9. Gotcha...I believe someone told me that a long time ago. Never spent much time thinking about it, just assumed it was true.
  10. It's my understanding, and I may be wrong on this, that if he were on both teams, he would count as one scholarship for football and one for baseball as well.
  11. Don't know if it's the coach or the recruit who sets the dates...anyone here know?
  12. Didn't CS change his home visit with KM to Friday? Wasn't it supposed to be Wed? Don't know if that means anything or not. Could just be a scheduling thing...

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