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  1. I hope he stays. He's a good coach and is good for the conference. Back when we were replacing Machovic and he was the DC at Florida, I was hoping we would get him as our new coach. He's brash, opinionated, and even though he coachs at Zero U, I still like him.
  2. Agree with your comments. You seem to have been the most correct throughout this whole process. Keep it up.
  3. After all the "insider" information I've read here the past 2 weeks, you'll forgive me if I don't believe a word coming from any of the purported BMD.
  4. I have never commented on the DL coach, nor have I ever purported to having "inside" information. After the way the last few weeks went, I don't think ANYONE can say they have "inside" information.
  5. Very unimpressed with Patterson so far. First the Mack Brown debacle post Baylor and now this lackluster hire. Doesn't scream home run hire by any means. In the contrary, it screams "sacrifice bunt". Thanks, but no thanks. Not happy at all.
  6. Yes, very underwhelmed by the hire. Disappointed to say the least.
  7. And you have this intel from what? Regardless, it makes us look like a bunch of chumps if he has to mull it over. We extended an offer to a coach at a middle tier school and he says (per the media reports), "let me get back to you". F*ck that!
  8. I can't believe I wasted the massive amount of time I did following the various boards only to get the massive letdown from CS as HC.
  9. Exactly. I had a positive attitude on the coaching hire until CS was confirmed by everyone in the past hour. So how do people think we get turned down by all our top HC choices but we're somehow going to kill it with the coordinator positions? You are all blinded with your burnt orange colored glasses.
  10. Can't see how this unifies the fan base and BMD.
  11. This is a joke. This is the home run hire that Texas was looking for? Really? Very disappointed in our University and its leadership.

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