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  1. I used stats to merely show progression of his offense in his time there.
  2. ECUs offensive stats I'll use ESPNs rankings over his last four years Year - Total OFF - Pass O - Rush - Score O 2010 - 25 - 7 - 99 - 17 2011 - 50 - 18 - 105 - 66 (Dominique Davis Sr Season) 2012 - 56 - 36 - 92 - 47 (Shane Carden 1st year as starter) 2013 - 25 - 11 - 91 - 8 shows a little regression in Davis' jr to Sr year but some good progression from Carden's 1st year as a starter to his 2nd.
  3. Hes been wrong. Hes been right a few times as well. Was on the Strong wagon before a lot of folks but also has said akina is being retained which from the writing on the wall it doesnt look that way. Hes been about as good and as bad as every one of the pay sites though.
  4. Stopped after the second sentence cuz it was a lie. Watson is a grade A doucher. Saw all I needed to see after his elbow to Colt while he was on the ground at the Big XII championship.
  5. Being a 49er fan as much as I dont like Sherman simply for playing for that town up north and talking as much as he does hes a hell of a football player and he backs it up. Nothing more gratifying than seeing someone score on him though
  6. he got mad cuz i pointed that out that dude had been on that before anyone else and got mad. whatever.
  7. Did any other big time programs offer them? Stop this.
  8. The fault is on Patterson for not waiting until after the MNC to be played. There was no need to do anything before hand unless it was Saban.
  9. Strong, Bedford and Gray on the defensive side? We could do worse.
  10. Heard has not opened his recruitment. He's said himself he's still solid to Texas
  11. Not to be combative but weren't you one of the one's that reported Luck will be the next AD at Texas?
  12. Finebaum only said that Brian Davis, an AAS writer says Saban is a candidate.

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