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  1. I don't know other than depth reasons why this is exciting. He may have been highly rated, but doesn't seem to be anything other than a poor man's David Ash so far. Now if Ash is out for good we would most definately need him.
  2. El Machio says there is some story behind this that makes Mack look pretty bad. At least it supports what Bonney said.
  3. Just guessing, but the thinking had to be Sexton would use our opening to get raises for everyone while not promising to land 1 of his guys at Texas.
  4. His buyout is larger than Strong's seems like a good decision to move on.
  5. Glavin is riding the Maddux wave. He wasn't a great pitcher for very long.
  6. Any news on whether or not he is going to be retained or is that up to the new coach? I think he is the lone bright spot for Mack this season although Greg Robinson did a bang up job.
  7. Totally believable until the Nebraska part. Nebraska hates that dude. Haha! Mack is not the man he wants us all to believe he is. Total classless move on his part.
  8. Jose Canseco wants to be the Texas Longhorns next head coach - FanSided - Sports News, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Technology - 240+ Sites
  9. If it's not Harbaugh I want Malzan. I feel like this conference is tailor made for him.
  10. If he visited Briles on UT's behalf does that mean he is the de facto gm?
  11. A nonfootball president wielding ll the power over Brown may need a nudge via a call to vote again.
  12. At this point you fire him. Accept that it will never be pretty ith a legend, stop worrying about image and get it done.
  13. As long as he doesn't poison the waters for the next hire he is doing what any coach should do and that is fight. Right or wrong there should be no quit in coaches nor athletes. I am a bit surprised since I don't feel his teams have always had the attitude he seems to be showing right now.
  14. This is how ob drives business and web hits. They contradict then give you breadcrumbs leading to the final answer, which is always the 1st scoop.

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