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    longhorn_mig reacted to texbound in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    If this is true, and I have no reason not to believe SHA on this, then I just gained a crap ton of respect for RT.  I know he is talented, but Terry is trying to build a team and players have to earn the right to play.  As a former HS coach, I never recruited, I would always start every season with one msg, "Playing time is earned, not given.  It is a privilege to play and not a right.".
    Then I feed them runny eggs and make them pee in cup so I can talk about proper hydration.
    Note: I'm 100% joking on the last sentence for those of you that take things literally.
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Eastexhorn in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    At least we got some good news after the Holland decommit. Weaver and Onyema definitely help, and things are trending in a positive direction with Hunter coming back.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Eastexhorn in Predict the Schedule – 2023   
    Sure is  lot of orange kool ade flowing.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in Predict the Schedule – 2023   
    Rice – Blowout
    Bama – I call a win here because of QB. Ours is better and theirs hasn't had much time under center for that team. None of their three options are good ones, either. We take a narrow win.
    Wyoming – Blowout
    Baylor – Should be a TD or better win.
    Kansas – Will be a tough, tough game. We win tho
    Oklahoma – Blowout (lol)
    Houston – Tight win
    BYU – 2 TD or better win
    K-State – Horns win a close one.
    TCU – They have a new QB to break in, but this will be well into the season so he may have settled in by then. Dangerous game. TCU pulls it out.
    Iowa State – 20 pt win
    Tech – We need to kick them in the teeth one last time.
    Thats 11-1 and a berth in the Conference Title Game, which we win over either OSU or TCU.
    12-1 and good enough for the CFP.
    What say you?
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Oldmanastro in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    Didn’t know where to put this:
    Very sad.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to TexCoyote in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    Rodney is doing work.
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Eastexhorn in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    When I went to the Tennessee game, he hit 8 straight 3's (nothing but net) during warmups. He's a better shooter than we give him credit for.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Great news.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to TFloss32 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)   
    Five Horns invited to the combine.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Soldierhorn in Longhorns -> SEC   
    This alone makes me happy, happy, happy

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    longhorn_mig reacted to Soldierhorn in Longhorns -> SEC   
    This is a couple of years old but the timing seems perfect now  
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Soldierhorn in Longhorns -> SEC   
    It liooks like the agreements are done. Texas to SEC for 2024
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    longhorn_mig reacted to BWilk55 in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    K-State did beat TCU.
    We also got an upset with WVU knocking off Iowa State. That keeps us solely in first place. There are 4 teams 1 game back of us.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to RickyFlair in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-Recruiting)   
    I had the chance to visit with one of the folks of a 24 recruiting target. He said during their one on one that Sark said he hates the portal.
    He said they would use it since it’s here but if any of our current players come to him and say they are thinking about entering it he tells them to do it.
    He told them he didn’t care who it was if they are not 100% committed to what we are doing he’s done with them. 
    The guy also told me he was expecting Sark to be a used car salesman type and that he couldn’t have been more wrong. Said Sark was straight forward, organized and laid out everything they could expect from the program and what the program expected from players. He said the whole family was “blown away”.
    The kid is one of our more coveted recruits and the dad said we were firmly in the drivers seat after the visit. 
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in A Horn asking for help.   
    Sorry that I just now saw this. Hadn't logged on for a couple of week. My condolences to you and your family, @Sirhornsalot. Sending prayers and good vibes your way.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in A Horn asking for help.   
    I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who have reached out to me, lifted me up in prayer, donated to Brandon, and for the outpouring of love. It has been a blessing to me. 
    I've been quietly keeping up with the board. It has been one of the few things that could take my mind away. 
    We were able to put Brandon to rest Friday in a beautiful spot under three large Oak trees in Rolling Oaks Memorial Park in Coppell. I think he would have picked this spot himself. Thank you all for helping me get through this. You are some good, good friends.

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