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    longhorn_mig reacted to java in Sam Ehlinger   
    I don't see Sam as a 'depth' qb.  I do, however, think having a qb in a strength and training program for a year before he sees playing time is to his and the team's advantage, then letting them play back up for a year is the best way to go.  Vince had a redshirt year, and he is revered.  By the team they see the field for significant minutes, hopefully, they are fully, or almost fully matured, and have 3 years of eligibility remaining.
    Did Colt have a redshirt year?  He still got stung bad once, early on.  It didn't happen as a junior.  Unfortunately, it happened in the National Championship Game, but muscle helps.
    LHN is on right now, talking about the stormtrooper uni's, the players from a few years ago didn't know what stormtrooper was from.  
    I love the whites.  It's my favorite uniform in college football.  Make that all of college football.  The players certainly know what #icy means.  They be #icy
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    longhorn_mig reacted to primal defense in Buechele Injury   
    I'm impressed.
    Who's the most underrated QB in college football?
    Executive 1: Shane Buechele, Texas
    "I know he's just a freshman but the Texas QB is legit. I love his poise, deep-ball touch and overall feel for the game. He carries himself the right way, too."
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Earl Nobis Jefferson in One less OL -- pokey for Perkins   
    Based on that story, I'm just glad no one got hurt.
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from streettopeschel in Addressing the Youth Questions   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Juan in One less OL -- pokey for Perkins   
    Stoops would bench him for this weekend
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    longhorn_mig reacted to tejasrulz in Addressing the Youth Questions   
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Monsieur ATX in Addressing the Youth Questions   
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from java in Addressing the Youth Questions   
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Bear19 in Addressing the Youth Questions   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Harrison Wier in Addressing the Youth Questions   
    Many have gone back to Vance Bedford's stubbornness about not wanting to play freshman/sophomores throughout his career. Some agree with this tactic, while most disagree with it. For those that want to see more freshman on the field, I present to you Phil Steele's "inexperience FPI." Before the season, Steele ran this study and determined that Ohio State was the youngest and most inexperienced team in the country. Ironically, how many of the players on Ohio State's offense that scored against Oklahoma do you think were underclassmen? All of them. 
    It's not about youth. It's about coaching those young players and putting them in the position to succeed. It's time to let the freshman loose. Yes, there will be growing pains. However, they are the most talented group Texas has had in a long time. I expect that Charlie Strong feels the same way. Look to see more young guys out on the field against Oklahoma State. They lack experience, but they don't lack confidence and the ability to make things happen. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Harrison Wier in Thursday Chat: All Questions Welcome   
    Could definitely see it simplified, specifically in the secondary. Texas has been running a ton of zone coverages, which is making them confused. Would like to see more man to man and press coverages to throw receivers off of their routes. That seems to be the best way to defend against the spread. Texas has the talent at CB to pull this off. Texas also needs to run more 3-4 with the FOX imo. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Juan in Oh Aggy, Part Deux   
    SummyBear can read upside down when drunk
    Which is to say most of the time

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    longhorn_mig reacted to UTK66 in Texas at Okie St (11am start)   
    There is nothing wrong with day drinking sir. Nothing at all.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to killerjoe in "Fumble" at end of Texas vs Cal game   
    ...and speaking of okie state, it took almost a year but they finally were victimized by the same bullshit officiating that we were last year. Kinda did my heart good.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Mike Roach in Five Takeaways Following a Late Night Loss to Cal   
    Overall the run/pass mix was 51/39. I'd have to take a look at the drive charts, but I can see attacking a team deep after you've hit them for some big runs. I know everyone looks at this that or the other as a reason they lost, but this was a case of untimely penalties, turnovers, and most of all pathetic defense.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Texas at Okie St (11am start)   
    The positive is the crowd will hopefully be half a sleep and maybe OSU will be as well. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to North Texas Golfer in Texas at Okie St (11am start)   
    Give me 6:00 pm, cst, Saturday starts every game.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to HornSports Staff in Texas at Okie St (11am start)   
    Bloody Mary start time!
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    longhorn_mig reacted to TeamMayhall in Chuck F'n Strong   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Juan in Cy Falls DT Du'Vonta Lampkin   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to utisdabomb12 in A note on Texas commit Josh Thompson   
    Strong encourages visits. 
    Inside Texas said that Thompson discussed his visits with the Texas staff. Strong probably told him to go ahead and enjoy the process. 
    Players taking visits to other schools will happen under Strong. He's not like Briles/Patterson in regards to trying to prevent players from visiting other schools. Matter of fact, Strong encourages players to take visits to make sure they want to play at Texas. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to MBHORNSFAN in A note on Texas commit Josh Thompson   
    These two better be very careful. Texas is trending up with a lot of high profile recruits. Strong has options now....
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from TeamMayhall in HornSports Gear   
    I'm down.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to celliot in Horns @ Kansas: Who's going?   
    So, turns out the drive from my house to Lawrence, KS, is only 7 hours. And this means only one thing: Who will I see in Lawrence for the Texas/Kansas game? Because I'm going. 
    Hook 'Em!
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in AP Poll: Longhorns barely miss Top 10   
    I think part of knowing we've turned the corner is when we don't lose those games that we should win. Not only just win them, but win them like we're supposed to – convincingly.
    So UTEP, in my mind, is almost as big a test as Notre Dame was. Will we play down to UTEP's level? Or will we play lights out until we play 2nd teamers in the 4th?
    If it's the latter, then I'm closer to believing we're there.
    I think the OU game will be the biggest on the schedule now, just because of how things are playing out. The roles will be reversed, we'll have a winning record and they'll have two losses. They'll have this game circled like we have the last two years. And they'll come ready to play this time. I predicted last year's win. I don't predict a loss this year, but I'm nervous this time.

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