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    longhorn_mig reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Steve F. Patterson   
    I have not given up on Shaka yet but it appears this team has bigger problems than just being young. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Daniel Seahorn in Dylan Haines' troll job on Texas QB Sam Ehlinger backfires   
    This wasn't a fair fight once Quandre got involved.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Oh Aggy, Part Deux   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Harrison Wier in Ehlinger and Haines   
    Posted the full thread recently if you're interested in what Quandre Diggs had to say and did not see it. I found the whole thing quite humorous.
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from DMAC in Ehlinger and Haines   
    Sam's got some game in the trash talk department...
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Ehlinger and Haines   
    It looks like Haines forgot to include a question mark in his, "Bro, you got no juice?" tweet which I believe was intended to be a playful jab.
    I do like Ehlinger's feisty response, though. We need that type of competitive fire at QB - as long as it doesn't cross the line into Manziel/Mayfield level douchebaggery.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Oh Aggy, Part Deux   
    They left off "co-" in their 2010 South Division championship claim
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    longhorn_mig reacted to hoskins5 in Oh Aggy, Part Deux   
    I still don't understand them claiming the south championship in 2010 when OU played Nebraska in the Big 12 title game. But then again Im simply wasting my time trying to understand the idiocy of the ags
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from TeamMayhall in Ehlinger and Haines   
    Sam's got some game in the trash talk department...
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    longhorn_mig reacted to MikeV73 in Texas 85 - Baylor 79   
    Lady Horns take down #4 FSU in double OT! Women's basketball kicking ass this season!
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Tom Herman Parodies on Twitter   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Oldmanastro in Jordan Spieth running hot at Pebble   
    Winner winner chicken dinner! Only 2 guys younger than him to win 9 PGA events: jack and Tiger. Tiger younger by 1 month. Pretty elite company there.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Jordan Spieth running hot at Pebble   
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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    #RevolUTion18 #ThisIsTexas #TexasTrue
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    longhorn_mig reacted to primal defense in ESPN: Tom Herman has an extensive (and expensive) Texas rebuilding plan   
    Tom Herman has an extensive (and expensive) Texas rebuilding plan
    AUSTIN, Texas -- As soon as Tom Herman got settled in at Texas, he started his wish list.
    One month into the job, Herman conducted a walk-through of the Longhorns’ football facility with AD Mike Perrin, senior associate AD Arthur Johnson and football chief of staff Fernando Lovo. Together, they got started on what will be an extensive (and expensive) to-do list.
    Herman offered his initial judgment a few days later: “We’re behind, but not by much. Nothing a multimillion-dollar face-lift can’t fix.â€
    When it comes to rebuilding Texas into a powerhouse, Herman has a clear blueprint. Upgrading Texas’ football facilities is an early priority for a head coach who recognizes how far the Longhorns have fallen behind the national elites, despite their wealthy reputation.
    Tom Herman has a long list of items to overhaul in Texas' facilities. Spencer Selvidge for ESPN
    On signing day, Herman met again with administrators and architects to discuss his needs for a modernized locker room, and the strength staff is plotting several renovations to the weight room and training room later this spring. It’s clear Herman isn’t messing around.
    “We’re going to get this facility, in very short order, to the point where it’s as good if not better than any in the country,†Herman said.
    Herman says anything Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Michigan have, the Longhorns better have too. He believes a college football program should have a capital project going at all times. These goals shouldn’t be new for the University of Texas, where the richest college athletic department in the country raked in nearly $188 million in revenue in 2015-16, according to USA Today.
    That, however, couldn’t keep Herman from walking through the Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center and determining Texas has fallen behind in college football’s facilities arms race. He hasn’t hesitated to point out what needs to change.
    “I haven't been told ‘no’ yet,†Herman said.
    Perrin, Texas’ second-year athletic director, told ESPN he admires Herman’s initiative and has an open mind about any improvements his new coach wants to make.
    “Tom dreams big, and I like that,†Perrin said. “He’s detail-oriented and he’s pretty comprehensive in his looking at things. At age 41, he’s closer to a 17-year-old than I am. I’m not put off at all by the scrutiny he brings to all that.â€
    A state-of-the-art locker room is at or near the top of Herman’s wish list. Just look at what Texas’ nearby rivals have constructed in recent years. Texas A&M unveiled its brand-new locker room in 2014. Oklahoma is finishing one this offseason. Baylor got a new one when McLane Stadium opened in 2014, and TCU redid its locker room in 2012.
    They make Texas look downright outdated by comparison, even though the Longhorns installed new lockers in 2011 as part of a partial renovation. Perrin understands these features must be viewed through the eyes of players and recruits. When kids walk through the building, there must be a "wow" factor.
    One new Texas staffer had a bit of a "wow" moment in January when he realized the locker room had no sound system. Instead, players were blasting their music via one small Bluetooth speaker an offensive lineman brought in to share.
    The Texas locker room upgrade is now looking to make the facility more technologically advanced with individual video screens and more connectivity.
    Those little details will get attacked quickly under Herman, who made similar things happen in rapid fashion at Houston. UH finished a $1 million new locker room in August and will open a $20 million practice facility this August.
    “We changed the University of Houston in 23 short months more than anybody thought was possible,†Herman said, “not just from a wins and losses standpoint but from an infrastructure standpoint as well. I have no doubt that with the support of President Greg Fenves and Mike Perrin, we’ll do the same here in very, very, very short time.â€
    How grand his plan will be at Texas is still getting worked out. Herman said in a January radio interview he’s expecting “somewhere in the range of $10 million†in renovations to facilities. Perrin says he hasn’t been presented with any plans approaching that number, and Herman knows there will be red tape in getting everything approved and underway.
    “As I’m getting to know Tom,†Perrin said with a chuckle, “I suspect we may never be finished.â€
    His confidence in publicly throwing around a price tag like that begs the question: Does Herman essentially have a blank check when it comes to upgrading Texas? Perrin tries to answer that one carefully.
    “Tom is a very pragmatic, realistic man,†he said. “He’s very ambitious and very focused, extremely well organized. I think he’s a real innovator. And I support that, I really do. But we’ve not talked in terms of unlimited budgets or that everything’s going to happen overnight or anything like that.â€
    The Longhorns’ new leader likes to say players and coaches win games but administrations win championships with their support. He’s going to tell Perrin and Fenves exactly what he needs to get Texas competing at a championship level again. He’s starting with his football complex because, at a place like this, there’s no excuse for not having elite facilities.
    “They have to be the best at Texas,†Herman said. “They have to be.â€
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    longhorn_mig reacted to joeywa in Jordan Spieth running hot at Pebble   
    Jordan Spieth Calls A Bunch Of Professional Autographs Seekers “Scums” And Tells Them To Get A Job
    Trent | Feb. 9, 9:30 am| 21 Comments
    ESPN- Jordan Spieth got into a verbal altercation with a group of men after finishing his practice round at Pebble Beach Golf Links on Wednesday, taking issue with those he deems to be professional autograph seekers. After finishing his round, the group of adults started to heckle Spieth after the 23-year-old walked past them without signing for them. The two-time major winner then accused the men of trying to profit off his name by selling the items online and that he’d investigated evidence of it. “It’s not really worth me spending time arguing, but I’m just not really appreciative of people who travel to benefit off of other people’s success,” Spieth told reporters after the incident. “I enjoy signing and I sign for kids whenever we get the chance. But these guys have these items that you’ve already seen online.
     â€œOur team keeps track of that kind of stuff, and these guys just have bags of stuff to benefit from other people’s success when they didn’t do anything themselves. Go get a job instead of trying make money off of things we’ve been able to do.” When Spieth stopped to sign an autograph for a young boy, things got worse. Spieth said one of the men used an “F-bomb in front of three kids,” and that caused him to get angry and confront the men by starting with, “C’mon, guys, there are children here.” “I felt the need to turn around and tell them that wasn’t right,” Spieth said. “A couple of them were saying, ‘You’re not Tiger Woods, don’t act like you’re Tiger.’ But here he’s still trying to benefit off me and I’m not even Tiger Woods. What does that say about you?
    Get’emmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love it. I f##king love it. Jordan Spieth spitting hot fire truths in those quotes. Everything he said was spot on. The part about the dudes saying he isn’t Tiger Woods and Spieth coming back with, “Then why are you guys trying to get my autograph?” was straight ether. Haven’t seen ether like that since Meek Mill got bodied by a singer. Spieth is absolutely right. If you’re a professional autograph seeker you’re the biggest loser on the planet. The scum of the scum. There isn’t a worse thing you can be. There really isn’t. Pick any job and an autograph seeker is for sure worse. If you’ve been to any professional sporting event then you’ve seen them. You’ve seen them because they stand out when they’re standing in a pack of kids trying to elbow for better real estate. These losers will shove kids outta the way just so they can get an autograph and run home and sell it on eBay. It’s such a weird and sad existence. All professional autograph seekers should be put on a rocket ship and blasted into the sun.
      Gotta love Spieth!  
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    longhorn_mig reacted to utparothed in Sarkisian is leaving Alabama to be OC for Atlanta Falcons!   
    I'd bet good money that Shawn Watson would leave Pitt if Saban called.  He's an up tempo guy, right?
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    longhorn_mig reacted to 83Dee in Scholarship Board?   
    Scholarship board = Roster of scholarship players by class? 
    If this is a stupid question, I will delete post and claim that I was hacked.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to tejasrulz in Texas 85 - Baylor 79   
    Big win for the ladies tonight in Waco. Leaves them alone in 1st place in the Big XII.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to joeywa in Some take-aways from the Alumni Baseball Game & a look forward to the season   
    One thing to take away from the last few years is that collegiate athletics is cyclical, sometime quite vicious.  While it makes it difficult to see the positives and the up side for fans, it is far more grating on the players and coaches.  Texas is in the process of turning things around, but there is not a plug-and-play option that I've seen.  Competition and parity (in all sports) among universities is far more equal than it has ever been. 
    In the words of my good friend JimsTexas, have a blessed day and keep those horns up! 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to joeywa in Some take-aways from the Alumni Baseball Game & a look forward to the season   
    Thinking about the Alumni Game, and here are some items that stood out.
    Overall Observations
    Great to see Augie and Coach Gus out at the event.  Augie's interview in the dugout in-game was very good.  Texas made sure that he left with class and grace, and it showed today.  Augie looked like retirement is agreeing with him.  It was also great to see the former players make the trek back to Austin for this event.  CJ looks like he's working on a Dallas Keuchel beard. Rupp is a freaking beast.  Something inherently wrong seeing Tres in a color other than Burnt Orange.  Drew Stubbs in old Longhorn form driving a letter-high fastball over the RF fence.  Looked routine.  Kiesch as the Alumni Manager was fun.  As an Astros fan, seeing Marlow sporting the Astros uni was really sweet. A Happy Birthday to Swindell's son, Dawson. Great seeing the Alums interacting with fans.  Rupp mic'd up on LHN was pretty cool. The new field turf changes and field dimensions looked great.  I still think we should have dirt around home plate and on the warning track, but I'll take the changes and smile.     
    Texas Baseball observations:
    Morgan Cooper is good, I mean, really good.  He has a chance to be dominant this season.  He showed a newly implemented slider and was great with his change.  He gets those clicking with his FB, and he will mow down some folks this season.  Ryan Reynolds is the most impressive freshman on the roster.  He plays the 3B position like a veteran.  He hits from both sides of the plate with power and isn't afraid to take an outside pitch oppo.  He's going to be a good one.  Brett Boswell is finally swinging the bat like I have been expecting for a couple of seasons.  He looks very comfortable in the box. Patrick Mathis made an outstanding catch of a cutting fly ball in RF.  If he has learned to take better approaches to fly balls, then I'll be all-in the Mathis Fan Club.  He still hits with power, and he will benefit from the shortened dimensions at the Disch. Cantu is swinging much better from what I saw today.  I still think he will have times where he gets into a funk, but I believe the new staff has been working with him and he'll have a very good year. Gurwitz has changed his stance and approach at the plate.  This will benefit him this year.  He squared up the ball very well today. I don't know if Kody Clemens is ready to be the DH.  He may in a few weeks or a month.  I think his timing is off, which is natural coming back from injury.  Still has a ton of up side. Love me some Travis Jones.  That kid is a baller.  Doesn't matter where you play him on the diamond, or where you put him in the batting order, this kid produces. Hamilton will be a good addition as he comes into his own.  I hope to see him bulk up some, but he is a good ball player. Nolan Kingham started out well, but really struggled when he had to go to his #2 & #3 pitches.  I hope the staff can get this dialed in fairly quickly.  Jon Malmin and Tyler Schimpf didn't look bad, both had moments where they flashed some good stuff, but neither were consistent nor dominant. O'Hara and Parker Joe Robinson were both impressive in their time on the mound.  Robinson just has some nasty stuff after changing his arm slot, and he will give hitters fits if he keeps it up.  O'Hara looks like he can give us some solid middle to late relief this year. Chase Shugart looked like he hasn't missed a beat.  His FB is still wicked and his offspeed stuff was almost impossible to touch.  He had a bender that absolutely froze the frosh McNicholas.  Welcome to the next level kid.  The approach at the plate was a complete 180 from what we've become used to out of Texas teams in recent years.  I saw one, that's correct, one player square for a bunt and that was on a first pitch and he pulled it back, appearing it was by design.  Hitters were aggressive and putting some good swings on balls the entire game.  Fielding was solid outside of an error on a fly ball to LF that was muffed.  Rand in LF looked off today.  Not sure what was going on with that. Baserunning was fundamentally sound, no issues at all.  
    Overall, there is a lot to be excited about.  We have several arms that will give us depth and innings when we need them.  I'm pleased with what I saw.
    Alright you seamheads, tell me what you saw and let's discuss. 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to TeamMayhall in Winning could be alot harder than I thought.   
    Didnt know where to put this
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in 10 NSD Thoughts   
    ESPN article regarding Herman's day yesterday, with an eye to 2018:
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    longhorn_mig reacted to MBHORNSFAN in *****National Signing Day Thread 2/1/17*****   
    Herman compared to other first year coaches recruiting (this posted on another board)
    Harbaugh at Michigan, 2015 class:
    2 x 4 stars
    5 x 3 stars
    1 x 2 stars

    Strong at Texas, 2014 class:
    1 x 4 stars
    4 x 3 stars
    1 x 2 stars

    Smart at Georgia, 2016 class:
    2 x 5 stars
    2 x 4 stars
    4 x 3 stars
    1 x 2 stars

    McElwaine at Florida, 2015 class:
    2 x 5 stars
    4 x 4 stars
    6 x 3 stars
    3 x 2 stars

    Jones at Tennessee, 2013 class:
    11 x 3 stars
    1 x 2 stars

    Franklin at Penn State, 2014 class:
    2 x 4 stars
    7 x 3 stars

    Malzahn at Auburn, 2013 class:
    1 x 5 stars
    4 x 4 stars
    10 x 3 stars

    Sumlin at A&M, 2012 class:
    2 x 4 stars
    5 x 3 stars

    Petersen at Washington, 2014 class:
    3 x 4 stars
    11 x 3 stars
    5 x 2 stars

    Richt at Miami, 2016 class:
    2 x 4 stars
    6 x 3 stars
    1 x 2 stars

    Taggart at Oregon, 2017 class:
    4 x 4 stars
    10 x 3 stars

    Herman at Texas, 2017 class:
    4 x 4 stars
    6 x 3 stars
    2 x 2 stars

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