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    longhorn_mig reacted to Big Daddy Cane in Longhorn TE Signee Reese Leitao Arrested For Drug Possession With Intent   
    Ok, since no one else is going to do it... Bob stoops line 1.... There, got that out of the way..
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Slimer in 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Same day as aggy spring game. Tom Herman you evil mastermind.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    I am hearing that Casey Thompson is on commit watch . . . 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to joeywa in ****Texas vs Lamar baseball****   
    Horns play Lamar today before they leave for their four-game set vs Stanford later in the week.
    Connor Mayes gets the nod on the bump today for Texas.
    I'll be checking the game periodically but probably won't do any PBP since I'm still on the road. Hopefully someone will provide a few game updates here.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to tejasrulz in CBS Sports: After getting the boot at Texas, Charlie Strong focuses on rebirth at South Florida   
    I thought Strong was better than that. Must admit that's a little disappointing.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to CharcoalPuppy in Friday Chat   
    Has anyone else been impressed with the Football programs social media presence so far ? 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Skyline in Friday Chat   
    Speaking of edits...
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    longhorn_mig reacted to 83Dee in Friday Chat   
    Make the new gym capacity 9,000.  I'm not kidding about this.  If there's anything worse than an apathetic fan base it is an apathetic fan base with 2 to 4 empty seats until you get to the next apathetic fan.  One thing I can say positive about Shaka is that he is still landing recruits who visit and see games played in front of a crowd filling less than half the seats! 
    I know, money, money, money concerns.... but you MUST get students closer to the court!  Stop worrying about offending season ticket donors who don't even care enough to show up or give away their tickets 75% of the time!    
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Daniel Seahorn in 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    This is awesome.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in Personal Announcement: Please Read   
    Horns247 adds Mike Roach as Texas recruiting reporter
    Recruiting reporter Mike Roach will join the Horns247 staff effective immediately
    Horns247 is adding a new member to one of the largest and fastest growing Texas outlets in the market.
    Mike Roach will join the Horns247 staff as a recruiting reporter after a successful four-year stint at HornSports, a USA Today property.
    "I'm grateful for the opportunity to expand my writing career with 247Sports and incredibly excited to work with such a talented staff,†Roach said.
    While at HornsSports, Roach served as a senior recruiting analyst and was on top of a number of developing stories with Texas targets. Roach spent this past season on the road covering the Longhorns football team as the Charlie Strong era came to an end.
    Roach was also a co-host of the 4th and 5 podcast and is an active member of the Football Writers Association of America.
    “Mike is a great friend and a great reporter,†said Horns247 lead recruiting reporter EJ Holland. “He is one of the true professionals in this business and will be a major asset to this site. I am looking forward to working with him.â€
    Roach is a respected name in the recruiting industry and will begin covering Texas recruiting at Horns247 effective immediately.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Daniel Seahorn in Friday Chat is back   
    I hate I can't like this more than once.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in Friday Chat is back   
    - A couple of players have gone to compliance to complain about the number of hours they have been working out.

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    longhorn_mig reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Oh Aggy, Part Deux   
    K-State's Nick Walsh and Jesse Ertz Troll Aggy 
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Grandpa Zorro in Tom Herman's Stint at Subway   
    Funny story about Herman working at Subway:
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    longhorn_mig reacted to primal defense in SI: The unlikely rebuild: With Texas behind on and off the field, Tom Herman's overhaul begins   
    The unlikely rebuild: With Texas behind on and off the field, Tom Herman's overhaul begins
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in Steve F. Patterson   
    I don't think it's just a PG. Its also having two frosh in the paint. Leading scorer kicked off team.
    The last time we pinned hopes on a HS senior, it worked out rather well for us.

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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Bear19 in Steve F. Patterson   
    Ditto, not giving up on Shaka yet. If we're in this same situation next season, then let's talk.
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Mike Roach in Personal Announcement: Please Read   
    Congrats and good luck, Mike!
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Mike Roach in Personal Announcement: Please Read   
    This community means a lot to me, because I fully believe it has the best group of readers on the internet.  It is for that reason that I'm excited (and a little sad to announce) that I'm leaving HornSports.  An opportunity came along to push my writing career in a new direction, and after a lot of thought and prayer on the subject I've decided to accept it.  I can't yet say where my next destination will be, but I wanted to thank the readers of this community for giving me a shot to build the foundation of a dream job here.  You all have been very supportive to me while I tried to bring you the best information I could.
    This decision wasn't particularly easy because I'm a big loyalty guy.  I talked things over with Aaron Carrara, and he encouraged me to take the next step.  I can't tell you how much Aaron means to me as both a person and a mentor.  Together he and Matt Cotcher gave me the opportunity and guidance to break into an industry I have a true passion for.  Aaron is one of the best people I know, and that made the decision to leave difficult.  The opportunities afforded to me here in my 3 years with the site were unbelievable.  I never thought I'd have an opportunity to be on the road with a major college football team reporting from the pressbox.  I'm not sure I can ever repay Aaron for these things.  
    I feel I did a good job as a recruiting reporter because I worked with a tremendously talented staff.  Daniel Seahorn and I clicked right from the start, and I have full confidence he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do because he's hard working, honest, and an overall good person.  Ryan Bridges taught me so much more about the game of football, and he became a vital sounding board for me to bounce ideas off of.  Will Baizer helped me get into podcasting, and he expanded my thinking in creating new ideas.  He also gave me the opportunity to serve as a teacher for him as he tries to go the same road I went down.  Harrison Weir was an incredible asset to us as soon as he came in.  His ability to pick things up and run with them was a tremendous help to me.  Chris Flanagan and I didn't cross paths much as I try to stay away from basketball as much as possible, but his support for me was a huge boost early on.  
    I'll still be around the internet, and I might even drop in here from time to time to see how everything is going.  I have great confidence that this site will continue to grow in this industry, and I'm happy I was a part of helping to put us on the map.  Thank you all once again for your support.
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    longhorn_mig reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Welcome new sponsor - Tecovas Boots   
    Are they giving a Hornsports discount? 
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    longhorn_mig reacted to Sirhornsalot in Steve F. Patterson   
    ^ ^ Thats where I'm at
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    longhorn_mig got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in Steve F. Patterson   
    Ditto, not giving up on Shaka yet. If we're in this same situation next season, then let's talk.

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