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  1. That was a tough, frustrating loss. Gotta learn from it and move on to the next game.
  2. Apparently it’s more than $5 million annually + incentives.
  3. I get frustrated with losses, but at the end of the day, they’re kids.
  4. Hard fought win last night. The offense was definitely streaky, but the good guys played some solid defense to overcome those lulls during the game. On a side note, took our toddler last night. She had a great time and was yelling Texas Fight on the concourse. Lol, I was proud dad. When she attends games, we’re 2-0. Her first game was Tennessee last year, so she shows up for the big games.
  5. Unfortunately, that dead horse has been beaten for pages and pages and pages...
  6. You know, one day this thread is going to reach it's inevitable end...
  7. @TFloss32, you hearing some buzz about J.Whitt staying in conjunction with an NIL deal?
  8. Ok, I'm going to jump in here real quick. The updated keyboard function on iPads is trash. It is HORRIBLE trying to type on it. A lot of times you can't see what you're typing. Just saying, that makes sense. Sorry to jump in and extend this convo.
  9. I wish nothing but the best for Hudson...unless he ends up on a team we play. Then worst of luck for that game.
  10. If it gets the deal done, @Sirhornsalotwill also throw in the steak knives he won for the Baylor score prediction.
  11. Another solid win. Beat the teams you’re supposed to beat with authority.

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