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  1. Sounds like they might resume practice tomorrow.
  2. If you want a full arena, you have to win. Guess what you didn't do consistently, Shaka...win.
  3. https://twitter.com/goodmanhoops/status/1375469427429359616?s=21
  4. Posted the link. Looks like the only out is a front office job in the NBA.
  5. Lol, yeah...I don’t think Sampson is happening... https://gocoogs.com/sampson-contract-details/
  6. I was reading about it earlier. I think the outs are for an NBA job.
  7. Yep, Beard has a big buyout. Sampson recently signed a new contract, so I think he has a big buyout too.
  8. Great win for the guys and happy for Shaka. Jericho's defense has become ridiculous. Someone that big should not be able to defend against guards that well. Some NBA team better give that young man a chance.

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