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  1. LOL, my bad. I think I was hitting send as @RickyFlairposted. Anyway, not a huge surprise here. At least we gave it a good run.
  2. @TFloss32, you know anything about this guy? It looks like the site's twitter account is following him...
  3. Also, sounds like Disu is coming back unless he heads to the NBA. Based on last season, coming back seems way more likely.
  4. Has anyone heard or read anything on how the visit went?
  5. Other than a few articles I've read about him, I'm in the same boat. LOL.
  6. I'm also assuming there was less hype and excitement from the fan base in general since Anamekwe was a 3-star. I think it's a solid get though.
  7. There's only one QB in that car with Addison and Bijan, and it ain't Card. Just sayin'...
  8. The fan base is going to hold you to that, CDC.

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