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  1. Crazy, just received an email for the first game of the season and the tickets are general admission. $10 to get into both games (WBB followed by MBB). I wonder if they're really going to make the entire arena GA. I mean, considering the opponent, I hope so.
  2. If Casey holds on to the starting job and Manning commits, there will be a lot of eyes on Card to see what he does.
  3. Don't be shocked if Ed Orgeron ends up on Sark's staff at some point.
  4. I hear what you're saying, but since I've been one of the people complaining about the O-line, I guess I'll chime in. I'm only seeing four OL in the NFL: Connor Williams, Sam Cosmi, Trey Hopkins, and Calvin Anderson. I wonder who the fifth is. Also, Calvin Anderson was a transfer from Rice and we only had him for one season.
  5. Man, I forgot about that. There's definitely dangers to a bye week.
  6. The Sam Houston State game is the only one they're playing in Gregory Gym. Everything else is at Frank Erwin Center. It's a non-conference game. The only exhibition game is the first one against Texas Lutheran. For the most part, our out of conference schedule is loaded with cupcakes. Based on Beard's stint at Tech, he seems to like to do that. And I'm right there with you. I've had my heart broken too many times by the basketball team. Hopefully Beard's leadership can remedy that situation. He's definitely brought in some insane talent. Now he just has to figure out how to make it work together. I'm fascinated to see what the starting lineup is going to be and how he splits up minutes.
  7. So 8/15 for 61 passing yards, 8 rushes for 13 yards, 1 lost fumble, and no TDs is adequate. I’m sure many on this board will make sure to remember that.
  8. So how would you describe his game against Arky?
  9. BTW, not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but MBB is going to play Sam Houston State in Gregory Gym and it's student-only attendance.
  10. Side note, I wish there was this much traffic on the board regarding basketball. Maybe I can get @Johnny Deppto get people fired up about basketball.
  11. And @Johnny Depp, being totally honest, that is literally my biggest concern with Card. We know he has the arm talent but I don't know if he can be the leader this team needs. I know he's a freshman and hasn't truly been given the chance to take on that role, but guys that have "it" just take that role from anyone that is in their way. I hate to use this example, and I will probably go vomit in a corner after I finish typing this, but that OU team is plain and simply different and more confident with Williams at QB. He came in as a freshman and took the job from the Heisman-favorite starter that was in front of him. I'm assuming your response will include that Riley gave him the chance to start, but he capitalized on that chance when he was given it. Even if it was just 2 games, I don't think you can say Card capitalized on his chance.

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