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  1. Another good win for the Horns. I'm coming out of this game cautiously optimistic about Hunter. Although he didn't feel up the stat sheet, he had some moments setting up and initiating the offense. He definitely likes to play fast and run. Hopefully this is something he can build on.
  2. That game was a mix of terrible officiating and horrible offensive execution.
  3. I haven't looked it up, but it feels like Beard was rotating players in and out at a higher rate, especially to account for the higher defensive intensity he was having them play at.
  4. It was a tough battle on Saturday night. Glad we could get the win. That said, we have to find a way to kick these slow starts. If we continue that trend, it's definitely going to cost us some games.
  5. Hell of a win and comeback. Watched the whole thing and glad I did. Took a lot of heart tonight.
  6. Too many turnovers leading to easy points. Doesn’t help that we’re building a brick house on the offensive end.
  7. Texas showing some solid defensive effort to start the game.
  8. Naturally, CDC and Coach Cal have both denied any communications.
  9. Ugly win but always gotta love winning on the road in conference play. Keep that train rolling.

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