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  1. I really wanted Jericho to get drafted and was thrilled when it happened. He worked hard over the years and clearly earned this moment.
  2. Weird. What happened to all the aggy power and influence we were hearing about? It’s as if the SEC told them to shut up and vote yes, as if aggy has no power at all.
  3. Definitely legal purposes. We have to appear and act like we’re honoring the agreement in place should the conference implode. If the zombie remains of the Big 12 carry on, just pay the exit fee and go play in the SEC in 2022. I’m sure the SEC will “demand” earlier entry in exchange for admission, so we’ll be “forced” to pay the exit fee.
  4. Lol, supposedly the Longhorn Network will become the SEC West Network and be headquartered in Austin. Aggy head explosion in 3…2…1…
  5. I think that’s just legal posturing. Say that for now and wait to see if the conference implodes versus continuing to exist and pay exit fees.
  6. Huge recruiting win with Carr. If Beard can get these guys to play together, that’s a ridiculous roster.

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