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  1. Cool event they set up for the new student section, which is being called the Corral. Hopefully the students show up in full force.
  2. I still think he stays on the West Coast, but at least we're still in it.
  3. Not sure if this has already been posted, but rumor on another site is Murphy isn't healthy because he hurt his wrist on a scooter. I really hope that's not true.
  4. I don't agree with @Johnny Deppand definitely give him a hard time at times, but at the end of the day, he's welcome to his opinion. I may not agree with it, but as long as he's not getting abusive with his language and behavior, he can voice that opinion...and I'll be waiting to counter that opinion.
  5. Card: "Whatever you do, don't look to your left. There's this guy, @Johnny Depp. He's sitting outside the fence, watching us throw. No! Don't look or make eye contact!" Ewers: "Hudson, you okay?" Card: "No man. He got rid of Casey and sent him to rot away at Nebraska. He's going to try and ship you away too." Ewers: "But I'm not going anywhere." Card: "That's what they all say, Quinn. That's what they all say..."
  6. When Ewers got hurt, with 31 seconds left in the first quarter, he has 9/12 for 134 yards. That's the 4th most passing yards Bama has allowed in the first quarter during the Saban Era. His first drive ended at the Alabama 8 and they got a FG. He unfortunately got hurt during the second drive, and at that point, had Texas on the Alabama one yard line. After Quinn left, Bijan ran the ball twice and scored a TD on the second run. The kid was carving up the Bama defense when he got hurt. Unfortunately he was driven into the turf by a Bama lineman, and apparently, that's his fault? Look, I really respect Card for his performance against Bama, especially on one leg. But at the end of the day, Ewers is the better QB. Ewers has a better arm and more arm talent. And I don't say that to trash Card. Ewers just plain and simply has a better arm. He can make more throws than Card, which in turn, will only continue to open up the playbook more and more as his time goes on at Texas. He's also shown the ability to throw the ball through tight windows, which helps even more. Ewers has also shown more composure and pocket presence than Card. Ewers has been calm and collected in the pocket and after that first interception against ULM, has taken what the defense has given him as opposed to forcing throws. He also has not taken bad sacks, which was one of the biggest issues with Card. Again, I love Card for what he did against Bama, and I'm not trying to trash him. But at the end of the day, Ewers is just a better QB with a superior skillset.

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