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  1. Gary Johnson to the Chiefs as a UDFA.
  2. What part of "before the arrival of Herman" was confusing?
  3. Kris Boyd went to Vikings in the 7th. As if we needed more proof, only having 2 Longhorns drafted (so far...with ~20 picks left in the 7th round to go) sure shows how far the program had fallen before the arrival of Herman. Edit: That's a wrap. Only 2 Horns taken.
  4. While I used to be an adherent to this, my perspective has changed. I've been living in the wack-a-doodle state of California, in the ultra-insane Bay Area for the last 10+ years. I've come across a number of Texas Aggies. I'm specifying Texas, as there are a ton of local Aggies from UC Davis, which is a large university that you have probably never heard of (in the Big Sky conference). I'm in Longhorn gear a lot when out and about, so my allegiances are pretty apparent. I get a number of random "Hook 'em" comments from people, who upon conversation, actual turn out to be Texas Aggies. In this land of crazy, they are just as glad to come across a Texan of any ilk as I am, and I don't think I have ever walked away from a conversation with one without a smile on my face.
  5. #2 Georgia - Lost #6 West Virginia - Lost #7 Washington - Lost #8 Penn State - Lost #9 Texas - Moving on up! To #6 or #7? I can't see Georgia moving further down than Texas moves up, but who knows...
  6. I'm curious as to what this means. Do you have details as to what occurred? Cheering/chanting crowd? Hyped up show for player introductions?
  7. And Mack Brown goes to sleep with a smile on his face tonight...disgusting.
  8. SC defense now throwing screens against their own team. nice!
  9. You need a sense of pride, which they don't have, in order to be embarrassed.
  10. This is why pre-season rankings are nothing more than foolishness.
  11. Eventually there will be more inside sources under Strong, no matter what he wants out or not, it just takes time. It's a matter of those seeking a scoop finding the right people to build rapport with...and finding that perfect bottle of scotch to send them during the holidays never hurts.

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