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  1. 3 minutes ago, primal defense said:

    Herman's job is not going to be determined on how fast he hires his coaches. It will be determined if he hires the right coach or the wrong one.

    I totally get that. I also understand that if you Wait too long the right one will take another opening. I’ve been on both sides of this situation. That hand shake doesn’t mean a thing. 
    leads me to believe that things are a lot more advanced than some believe. Maybe already secured, just waiting to announce. 

  2. From TFloss32...


    Inside Texas released a JD2 list this morning:



    QB, Quentin Dormady, Boerne

    QB, Jaylon Henderson, Humble Kingwood Park

    RB, Devine Ozigbo, Sachse

    WR, Jaelan Austin, South Grand Prairie

    WR, James Proche, Dallas Prime Prep

    TE, CJ O'Grady, Fayetteville (Fayetteville, AR)

    OL, Conner Dyer, Mesquite Horn

    OL, Tyler Higby, Houston Kinkaid

    DT/DE, Kingsley KeKe, Rosenberg George Ranch

    S, Jameel Cook, Fort Bend Ridge Point

    ATH, Kirk Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA)



    RB, Derrius Guice, Central (Baton Rouge, LA)

    WR, Kemah Siverand, Cypress Ridge

    DT, Darrion Daniels, Dallas Bishop Dunne

    DE, James Lockhart, Ennis

    LB, Malik Jefferson, Mesquite Poteet

    ATH, Derrick Dillon, Pine (Franklinton, LA)



    QB, Brennen Wooten, Marble Falls

    WR, Devin Duvernay, Sachse

    WR, Collin Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA)

    CB, Jared Mayden, Sachse

    ATH, Donovan Duvernay, Sachse


    Get em, Charlie! #LetsRide

  3. I am reasonable, I question the evals of guys in recruiting. You will see me on recruiting threads quite a bit because I enjoy following it and feel like my evals are solid and aren't biased like most sites. I plan on releasing a state top 100 sometime in the spring. If any of the mods have a problem with my negatives on a player please let me know and I will stop posting them. BTW, everybody loves it when I heap any praise on Buck Majors and Ed Freeman, but can't handle it when I think poorly of another prospect.


    Positives: Uses length well; Smart player-always has eyes towards the ball, decent gap read; Size- looks like a bigger Derrick Roberson; Hints of athleticism-jumping towards ballcarrier, violent hits?

    Negatives: Slow and lumbering; Strength is lacking; Lean and vertical leverage (plays high); Hand placement and block shedding; Little to no explosion off the ball.


    Basically, looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.


    Grade: Mid 3-star, bottom end top 10 DE in state on average years (prob. top 5 this year thus far)


    LMAO!!!!!! Can y'all get this joke off of here. Please. His own top 100?


    This is the type of guy who never played a down of football in his life yet he evaluates talent. Do your people a favor and evaluate character in your recruits and coaching staff. The ganja and pills are getting out of hand. Tell Sumlin to stop smoking it as well. He's not fooling anyone. His eyes give it away. LMAO!!!!

  4. FWIW. richmond was not on the team last fall. marshall was listed on the roster (although rumors were that he left the team before the fall), but never dressed out. fairly confident that he is no longer on the team.


    the folks in this story were found with less than 2 ounces of weed. i'm not sure where the reputation for "stacking" is coming from, but aside from claiborne i've heard of no such issues.


    as for agricultural leadership, it's no different than "youth and community studies" at UT.


    no excuse for what these kids did, but i doubt the situation is quite as dire as it's made out to be.


    Really? Why would I expect anything different.

  5. Well, JFF has added weight and his trainer says he's more focused on preparing for a 16-game NFL season than impressing at the Combine. Goal is to prevent injuries and add bulk to take the pounding. Smart goal, IMO.


    That eliminates the Manziel factor. He's a mobile QB. He's not a pocket passer. He won't do WOW things if he's not mobile.

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