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  1. I totally get that. I also understand that if you Wait too long the right one will take another opening. I’ve been on both sides of this situation. That hand shake doesn’t mean a thing. leads me to believe that things are a lot more advanced than some believe. Maybe already secured, just waiting to announce.
  2. Anyone have a screen shot of Liucci saying VB informed Texas staff?
  3. Gut feeling Malik really wants to come to Texas. Hope it happens. It would mean a lot to us right now.
  4. I'm guessing Aggie flashed the money.
  5. makes his decision today between Texas, a&m, and Baylor.
  6. Kid is from Alabama. Has a good relationship with new DL coach Rumph.
  7. LMAO!!!!!! Can y'all get this joke off of here. Please. His own top 100? This is the type of guy who never played a down of football in his life yet he evaluates talent. Do your people a favor and evaluate character in your recruits and coaching staff. The ganja and pills are getting out of hand. Tell Sumlin to stop smoking it as well. He's not fooling anyone. His eyes give it away. LMAO!!!!
  8. That eliminates the Manziel factor. He's a mobile QB. He's not a pocket passer. He won't do WOW things if he's not mobile.
  9. More confusion. Awesome. I was told Tech CAN avoid a big 12 move.
  10. Lol! I agree. Let's pluck some good Florida talent with the Cuerno. Let's get that pipeline going!
  11. Seems like D Thompson is set on Bama. I'd take Warren as well.
  12. they can't refuse. Daylon Mack, Soso Jamabo, Malik Jefferson, Damarkus Lodge, Kendall Sheffield, Kris Boyd, JaMycal Hasty, RJII Add those who you believe we should land no matter what... Go get 'em Coach Strong.
  13. Any hope of Strong moving in. Texas basketball is hot right now. Maybe they can bring the brother in too.

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