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  1. F Aggy. The only time of year they have a chance of making the playoff is now, when every team in America has a chance! Hook ‘em all the live long day!
  2. Burt is red shirting this season, if I remember right. Hook ‘em!
  3. This guy needs to get off the thunder lettuce. I would guess that members of this board are some of the most fanatical longhorn fans, and I don’t recall anyone saying we will beat Bama & win a natty this year. Fake news!
  4. I refuse to believe the OL will not be any better than last year, it's damn near impossible! Hook 'em!
  5. Sending thoughts and prayers your way! Praying all goes well!
  6. I agree, he might've gotten complacent towards the end of his tenure, but he was the head honcho when the 05 natty was won! Hook 'em!
  7. Starting to believe Patterson put a curse on the athletic department when he left, lol.
  8. I don't really understand not being concerned with his turnovers, considering they left 4 wins on the table. Let's say we would've lost the USC game anyway for benefit of the dòubt. The record would've been 9-3, which is a helluva lot better than 6-6, with a chance for another losing season! Hook 'em! Is it the 2018 season yet?
  9. The last thing the offensive players need is another OC/play caller for the 8th season
  10. If new OC next year, then Texas will have had a new OC every year for last 8 years. You can't switch OCs like underwear & expect to have any consistency in your offense. Everyone wanted Greg Davis fired after the 99 season, & I believe every offensive record was rewritten with him at the helm after that. The parallels between the 99 season & this season is poor OL play. I'm withholding judgment on Beck until we have depth, & experience on the OL. Hook 'em!
  11. Damn, even pros shank it every now & then. Of course I want perfection too, but after 44 years, I'm still searching! Here's to Dickson continuing to flip the field for the Horns! Hook 'em!
  12. Going to TX/o who this year and I can't wait to see Baker crying after his cocky ass has had the crap kicked out it for 4 quarters! Hook 'em!
  13. I believe after seeing Herman's demeanor at the presser when he was asked multiple times about letdowns after experiencing success, that this team will be fully prepared to wipe the field with the cyclones on Thursday. Hook 'em!
  14. I think my biggest frustration is that Tommy was preaching this teams success would be measured by average joe non- Texas fan turning on the tv & saying " that's the most physical, hardest playing, most disciplined team...I've seen" so it set that as the expectation. We obviously didn't see that this past weekend. He probably should have said those things would be measured after every game and throughout the season. It gave all of us as fans the impression we would see those changes immediately. Over promise, under produce, makes the outcome seem much worse than reality. Here's to Tommy turning this ship around sooner than later! Hook 'em!

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