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  1. Hey guys, So looks like I will be in the states the week of the RRS. I am looking for three tickets for myself and my folks to go to the game. If anybody has any available, please let me know. Thanks and Hook 'Em, Pete
  2. Go to an all Indian Food diet, lots of curry chicken. But you have to make it like they do in India, dirty water, no washing of hands, dirty pots and pans. Its the ultimate cleanse. Just make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day. This diet tends to cause dehydration. Hahahahaha.
  3. i like NaNa's comment about looking for a place where if something happens, he still comes out with a great degree. We really need to stress the record we have with honoring scholarships when an athlete is injured, and the value of a business degree from UT.
  4. Really good. Its on Netflix. Check it out.
  5. I dont think this movie will ever get old. Especially not diring the offseason dead periods.
  6. With mandatory minimum sentencing laws, highly unlikely he just gets probation with a felony possession with intent (in a school zone). However, like in my previous posting, it all will depend on how good (unscrupulous - Thanks J.B.) the lawyer is. Now based on my previous posting, if the comments made to admin get thrown out. I could see a plea deal in which he pleads to some sort of misdemeanor possession charge. In that case, yes, he would more than likely get a small probation period, time served, etc. But for the purposes of him being at UT, I would be very shocked he was allowed on campus. Not to mention, more than likely he will be getting expelled from school, thereby not being able to complete course requirements. Which in turn would negate his scholarship offer much less his acceptance into UT.
  7. We will see what happens, but here is the problem I am seeing from a legal standpoint...He admitted to administrators that he was selling. That is a great quote in an article, but in court i doubt it holds up. Unless the kid was read his rights, nothing he says prior to that will be admissible in court, if you have a decent attorney. Once those statements are thrown out, then you have a kid whose family has a lot of money. A good defense attorney will then argue that the kid made a mistake holding the pills for another friend and didn't want to get that other friend in trouble so he took the blame, he wasn't really selling them, why would he when his family provides all the money he needs, etc. Now, from a stand point of UT, I don't see how you can let this kid be a part of the team. Whether he beats the charges or not. It would be a cancer, he has got to go. Just my two cents.
  8. Just my two centavos, but when Strong was hired and he pulled the classes he did, everyone was thrilled. Multiple posts, gifs, photos, etc. of people saying get on the train or get run over. Then came the season(s). 6-7, 5-7, 5-7. All I'm going to say is, if I have to trade a mediocre recruiting class for wins on the field, sign me up! I am so over getting hyped up to be let down. Show me the wins. Winning will cure a lot. And in that old classic line, "If you build it, they will come." Along those lines, if we win, the recruits will come.
  9. Doing good Shotime. Just counting down the days until spring ball.
  10. Hold the presses, Mike and SHA just agreed on something again!!!!!
  11. Just because you announce doesn't mean it's over. It isn't over until that paper is signed and faxed in. So, even if he announces, there is always a chance for a flip. I'm just saying.
  12. "What difference - at this point, What difference does it make?" -Hillary Clinton I just figured this quote kinda hits the nail on the head.
  13. Great question, lets find out who knew about the CS hire first. Find out who their sources are, then make sure those sources have no hand in this coaching search!!
  14. Well, the only thing I could think of as to why they didn't call targeting was that Russell lowered himself down just prior to impact. Almost as if he was thinking about attempting a slide. This brought his head area lower and into the area of Boyd's helmet, where to me it seemed Boyd was just trying to get his head across. But again, that is the only explanation I could rationalize. I'm glad it wasn't called targeting though.
  15. If the defense improves under Strong, I think he continues to call the plays. You move Brian Jean Marie up to the DC spot, and bring in Hurt. Oh and go get a good DB coach. JMHO

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