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    java reacted to Matt Cotcher for a blog entry, Charlie Strong is visionary   
    Charlie Strong joked about being glad the defensive backs finally caught a ball after getting their hands on a lot of passes in Lubbock. He followed up by detailing a fun exchange he had earlier in the season with Mykkele Thompson...

    "It's an interesting story to tell....he [Mykkele Thompson] wears glasses - he had not been wearing contacts in games.
    I said "Let me ask you something, in the game, do you have contacts in?"
    He said, "No."
    So I say, "How can you see the ball?"
    He said, "I can see it."
    I said, "How can you see it? You can't. Look at your glasses. How long you been wearing glasses?"
    He said, "Since the ninth grade."
    I said, "Okay, so your eyes have been wearing insurance since the ninth grade, and you're telling me you can see the ball when it's thrown?"
    He said, "Yeah, I can see it."
    I said, "Okay, did you see that double move out there against Baylor?"
    He said, "Yeah...kinda late."
    So I said, "Yeah...too late."
    He's got his contacts in now."

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