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  1. Simms was a member of class of 1999. I think that’s right, but didn’t look it up.
  2. Aaron, Thank you for sharing. That was an incredible post about an amazing family. Hook ‘em!
  3. I have more than a few who do or have worn ankle bracelets. They could tell you what it’s like.
  4. Stevens reached deep for those last 4 strikes. Proud of him.
  5. Woo-hoo, Faltine! That air must be really heavy since the rain.
  6. Stevens evidently got rid of the jitters with the first 2 short outings.
  7. Then, he just stayed loose. That’s good! Thanks.
  8. That’s a lot of pitches yesterday. What about Stevens?
  9. That is not what I meant, btw! No tv, but a graphic. 11 pitches, with 3 balls?
  10. When people were talking Friday about the number of pitchers we used, didn’t compare to what ECU has burned, imo. Go, Horns!
  11. NCAA always showing good judgement, you must know.
  12. They could stay at the resort Mack used, stay in Round Rock, or any number of places to get them 45 minutes closer to A&M.
  13. It must be in the water. Ags take themselves way too seriously, and that is saying something for a team that hasn’t won a National Championship since 1939! Someone does need to tell Sark that the team cannot stay in Bryan/College Station. Though the area is larger now, Aggy gonna Aggy. I will never forget calling Mary Redding that morning to ask her what was going on: why the team looked sluggish, almost sick. She told me about the situation at the Ramada the publication of the phone numbers, and the all night phone calls. Of course, Applewhite was sick, as well. I don’t know how a true college football fan could find a win like that satisfying, but the Ags were fine with it. Hook ‘em!
  14. That was the most ridiculous action that they could have taken. Texas has the LHN, and we aren’t supposed to talk to ESPN about whether or not LHN continues to exist. We really cannot deal with these people. Hook ‘em!
  15. I had to go back to my old place after the movers left some things, AND as I was rushing out the door to begin loading the car, a 5 to 6 footer was on my front porch! I politely said excuse me, and went back inside until he left. Enough said.
  16. Remember the Ramada Inn! Is anyone around in the football offices that remembers the debacle of Mack’s first trip to College Station? Someone who knows Sark should let him know about the immature, win at all costs, children on the Brazos. We certainly don’t want a repeat of that fiasco! Just sayin… Hook ‘em!
  17. It looked like they did this afternoon.

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