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  1. Not too long ago, Colorado was really hurting for money. Granted, the last time I was in that stadium was 20 years ago, but it was literally crumbling in places. I suspect that Sanders has an enormous job in front of him, but with USC and UCLA’s impending departure from the PAC, I don’t see the TV contracts getting any larger. Didn’t they just lose the majority of the So Cal market. Need I mention the situation that Stanford is in? Schools are getting ready to find out what happens when their followers are indifferent to football. If a school can’t carry their own weight, others are not going to be willing to subsidize them. This has been coming for years. EDIT: Since I wrote this, I have been giving it a little more thought. Consider what UT football has supported over the years. In addition to many of our other sports programs, football gave 5 million a year to The University, and for more years than I want to count Texas supported the Southwest Conference, and later along with OU, The Big XII. Is it more complicated than I have made it? Sure, this is an oversimplified, snapshot view, but true. Hook ‘em!
  2. Having no time at work to surf the internet and no Wi-Fi at home to access the internet left me really out of touch since Tuesday. I saw the scrolling notification that the CFP would expand to 12 teams in 2024. It’s about time! Top offensive and defensive coordinators are already being paid salaries well over $1,000,000. It appears to me that, at least in the SEC and possibly the Big 10, those salaries will escalate even more. It goes without saying that successful head coaching salaries will escalate as well. Having said that, I detest the contract that A&M gave Jimbo. It was absurd. I think the guaranteed part of the salary should be reasonable, rather than obscene, and the remainder based on incentives. Your thoughts? Hook ‘em!
  3. Hello everyone! Ive been having issues! As it turns out, one was with my WiFi and another with my data, Specific to Apple…grrr. It’s pretty well squared away now. Common sense helped me with the WiFi, and time coupled with following the red dots in settings helped me with the Apple data. Sirhornsalot is right. There is never an issue with my MacBookPro. I love it. My iPhone is normally terrific, but occasionally has issues. iPads are expensive toys, unfortunately. I do like the bigger screen, though. Strange college football day. I am enjoying it though. Last day we have this many games again until New Years.
  4. JD is contagious. He makes people grumpy. The cure? Stay far, far away! Hook em! (night)
  5. Did we see McCoy as a Freshman? I don’t recall ever seeing him play during his RS year?
  6. I have heard that my whole life going back to the Cowboys during the Landry years.
  7. It is much more pleasant to read boards with trolls blocked. Quicker, too.
  8. All, I hope they redshirt Arch. Most successful QB’s are redshirted, for example, Colt and Vince. The extra year of strength training and maturity also helps protect them from injury. 82Horn, I was trying to make the point that Ewers is a Freshman according to age, but according to eligibility, he moved ahead. I don’t think that I can make that clearer. I believe the senior year of high school is very important for numerous reasons. Most people need the senior experience, athlete or not. Hook em!
  9. Ewers is in an unusual situation because of his talent, I agree. Ewers has arm talent and strength that cannot be taught. He will be back on schedule, I would think, by next year. 2023 will prove me right or wrong. Hook ‘em!
  10. Eastex, 82Horn is calling Ewers a Freshman because the entire year he was at Ohio State should have been his Senior year of high school. At OSU he ran scout team, I believe. In high school, he would have been the #1 QB. I tend to think he was rusty when he got to Texas & he was the equivalent of a freshman. That is reality. A person can twist it, turn it, or play it however they want, but those are the facts. Hook ‘em!
  11. SHA, fyi, Franklin won their playoff game 53-18, against Hitchcock yesterday. Think that’s right. Franklin is a great small Texas town.
  12. fyi, it is really interesting when you put JD on ignore, his propensity to post multiple times with no response from anyone is highlighted. At one point I counted seven in a row, with no intervening response. I didn’t click, so I have no idea if he was arguing with himself or blowing his horn, but that is the definition of internet clutter. No doubt that is one of the reason’s that Shaggy banned him after 4 days. Four days!!! That is embarrassing. Happy Thanksgiving to all! btw, is it true that the Aggys have only won 4 games, including the cream puffs on their schedule? Guess they will need to hire a national championship winning coach to get out of this mess. Oh, wait, they already did that! Hook ‘em!
  13. He wasn’t as on as he has been at times. I think they run the 3-3-5, which gave him some trouble before. However, with the defense playing lights out, he did play well enough to win. If you recall, neither Vince or Colt could put games on their back as redshirt freshen or redshirt sophomores. Quinn is the equivalent of a Freshman. Worthy is another young one. Think he is a sophomore. Sanders is a freak, mature beyond his years. Whitt is strong and mature.
  14. He did, Eastex. Think about it. We know Worthy breaks off routes & gives up on plays. Are you certain Ewers overthrows, or does Worthy quit. Ewers doesn’t seem to overthrow Sanders or Whittington. Does he? if I were Ewers, I don’t think that I would throw it to Worthy again.
  15. Why is it so hard for people to accept common sense and so easy to accept and jump on the bandwagon of negativity? The bandwagon of negativity takes less thought, less energy, and certainly alleviates disappointment. Why not? Y’all may want to follow the handful of constantly negative posters we have here, but I don’t. I love Texas Football and have for too many years to count. That is not going to stop, and I am not going to bash 18 and 19 year old kids. So get on or get off, but as others have suggested, please stop feeding the troll/s.
  16. If we can go 3 & out, then target Sanders and Whit. We just might win this game. Worthy needs to quit reading his press clippings.
  17. They will, but they need to get used to it. With the drop in temperature, that ball truly feels like a rock.
  18. Ntx, do you think we are watching two defenses that are just going at it?

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