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  1. MB, do you get up every morning and tell yourself it’s going to be an awful day? I’m just asking for a friend.
  2. I think that one of them was a converted defensive lineman & very aggressive!
  3. While I was watching the game, I thought that under duress, some players reverted to old, bad habits, such as whiffing on tackles, not wrapping up, etc. It also seemed that some of the offensive line reverted when the going got tough. It seemed to me, though, that the Pigs did overload the line. Isn’t that when we would normally bring in two blocking tight ends? Do we have two that are healthy? That would have made a difference. Sark isn’t an amateur. If we had them, I think he would have used them. I hope this game is an anomaly. Maybe? Possibly?
  4. You need to suit up for a quarter, I would think as a running back and linebacker. On special teams you can be the gunner. If you don’t lay down after 5 minutes; give away your helmet, shoulder pads, and shoes, and make it for the rest of the quarter, then you can call someone a quitter! You really ticked me off. And don’t try to back it down like you did last night. No one quit except you. Now suit up or shut it down. Hook ‘em!
  5. I am so sorry about your loss. I lost my Mom in July, and I still haven’t gotten past it and will never forget what she brought to our lives. Yet, the memories also give comfort. I pray that your memories give you comfort, as well.
  6. Vince Young’s oline was pretty good, as was the Mike Deal offensive Line.
  7. Think this through, gentlemen, please. We recovered a fumble, but were a toenail clipping out of bounds. Dicker fumbled a snap, and I have never seen him do that. If they don’t call this targeting, that will be at least two they haven’t called on Arkansas tonight. They didn’t. It is just a weird night. That is not to say that their line didn’t push us around, and that our offense wasn’t stagnant at times. Casey is making a difference, and no one has quit. Every time someone says that, I want to suit up the person who says it and let them play a quarter-just a quarter. Hook ‘em!
  8. They haven’t quit! That is ridiculous. You just don’t have anything else to say, or you are an Aggy. That is enough!
  9. I just don’t think that’s the way you develop qb’s. I will trust Sark.
  10. I ask. As a player, which face would you rather see when you come to the sideline, Sark or Jimbo?
  11. What does YouTubeTV cost, if you don’t mind my asking? I haven’t asked anyone I know.

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