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  1. I am so excited. I just hope they televise on LHN. I am concerned they are slowly weaning us from being able to watch live men’s events. Texas Baseball on TV is awesome, just not as good as the real thing. btw, how is our pitching depth, joey? Will enjoy watching Austin Todd, again, know he’s not a pitcher. Go, Horns!
  2. How true that is, SHA, so very true. Hook ‘em! ..,,,,and good night!
  3. I recall times when our starters would play the first quarter, and then their backups would take over.
  4. This team looks like they will be good and a lot of fun to watch. Hook ‘em!
  5. SHA, does your wife believe that facts and reality are in the eyes of the beholder? I knew a brilliant UT grad who was deeply into statistics. He could blind anyone with them and have them begging for more. Then he would say privately that if someone was good enough with statistics, they could make them read almost anyway they chose, which is very true. I was just watching The Season, 1969, for at least the 5th time. That team was amazing. I knew many of those guys, though I didn’t begin my Freshman year until the Fall of 1970. Many were there for a time, some came back in the Spring to work on their degrees, some dated friends of mine, etc. They had confidence, pride, and absolute faith in each other. It was such a good feeling to wake up on Saturday morning and know, with certainty, that we were going to win. It was great, when we were down, to know that we were coming back to win the game. It wasn’t an illusion, it was a FACT. Those are the facts as I knew them. Those were the facts in 2005. We came pretty close in 2008 and 2009. I want those to be the facts again, and soon. I happen to believe they will be. Hook ‘em!
  6. Rotty, I said “because I said so” with a grin on my face, because we were told that as kids, in ‘that’ voice. I don’t think Herman had the good sense to keep rotten apples out of the bunch. In fact, I’m not certain he had any sense at all. This season I believe Sark had to play the cards he was dealt. Now he has gotten to know the players, and is continuing to build his vision. Some of the former players fit and some don’t. If they don’t like the message or don’t want to put in the effort, the portal is right there. Hook ‘em!
  7. Thanks, O/H. I don’t know how many of you watched Georgia play Michigan yesterday, or how many of you saw Kirby Smart act like an absolute ass just before half. I sincerely doubt it did anything more than humiliate his quarterback and make Smart look like an ass. The announcers said he learned it from Saban. I hate to break it to Smart, but he isn’t Saban. Saban doesn’t blow his cool and badly mismanage the clock. Smart was tapping his head and mouthing think, think. If he hadn’t been so busy doing that, he could have called for a time out, told the kid to run a quick pass play, clock the ball, and try for a field goal. It’s quite possible that I am wrong about the down, distance, and time out. I was watching the game with my 4, 7, and 9 year old grandchildren, as well as, a 12 yo Brittany, my 2 yo Australian Shep., and a 2 yo chug. It was a bit chaotic from time to time. We had fun, and no one was grumpy! Hook ‘em!
  8. Oh, then I used an absolute when I should have used a qualifier. Funny how that works, isn’t it? But my point still stands, some players must have bad attitudes (video, anyone?). The team? No way! So sorry you didn’t get the sarcasm. Darn it all, I forgot to use the sarcasm font! Please, carry on.
  9. JB, Allow me to correct you, please. It DID suck at times last year. That doesn’t mean it sucks now, and it doesn’t mean it sucked all the time last year. You are very knowledgeable about football. Your statement, however, was incorrect, at least in my humble opinion. Hook ‘em!
  10. SHA, Little Abner, too! “I has spoken!” Could you believe tOSU acted like they were all that after being behind almost the entire game, then pulling it out after Cam Rising went down? They should have been on their knees.
  11. Thanks! That’s exactly the way I feel!
  12. We are second fiddle to no one! Why? Because I said so, that’s why. If you think so, fine, there is the door. I am sick of that crap! You have a loser mentality, not the guys that give it everything they have. You are the ones that boo if things go wrong, that leave before the Eyes, and whine if the QB throws an interception. Our last two coaches may have screwed the pooch, but that in no way means that our team is composed of losers. Now cut the crap, or find another team! I went to Texas, paid for my child to go to Texas, and you need to put up or shut up. Hook ‘em!
  13. I liked what Sark had to say in support of Bo. I don’t curse, though sometimes I have to bite holes in my tongue, but I guarantee you that almost all of the players on that bus have heard and said worse, much worse. Cosby and Diggs were right, on their teams one of the players would have called the guys out. Unfortunately, on this team, I think the leaders, for the most part, are the underclass men, and they typically won’t call out an upperclassman. I despise losing. Despite the fact that I’m a woman, losing doesn’t make me cry, it makes me mad. It takes everything that I have to be gracious, then when I get away from everyone, or I am with my family, I let go. In other words, I would have felt exactly like Coach Bo did. I might have said it a bit differently, but the message would have been the same. “I respect the game and care about winning. If you don’t, then hit the portal and get the hell out. You are a waste of my time.”
  14. tr, I had to follow game on Twitter. Couldn’t go because I was giving finals. Ugh! 2 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and 3 on Friday. Dish didn’t broadcast Bally. I didn’t see any reference to pass plays, but I have been promised that I get to watch the replay as many times as I want Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is probably an option, as well. I would have gone had I been able. So proud of the team and the people in Franklin. They support all of their teams all of the time. I cannot imagine what Highway 79 was like after school was dismissed on Thursday at 12 and even more so coming home from the game. The kids that go to school there are lucky. FT, now FT Lions, State Champions.
  15. Bally Sports was airing all of the games. I think you can get it on Direct TV or Roku. Franklin won and did not throw a pass. That’s for the RTDB crowd. I read last night that Murphy is expected to play linebacker in college. No offers but interest from Baylor, A&M, & one other. Franklin generally has great kids My sister & bil have lived there forever. My nephew coaches there
  16. Thank you. I have just been overwhelmed with everything else. It is truly amazing. fyi, Sunday & Monday, I wrote 5 finals, each to last 2 hours. Monday evening I could do nothing but babble.
  17. Thank you. I have just been overwhelmed with everything else. It is truly amazing.
  18. Sorry that I have been awol. Too much on the plate right now. I don’t know what happened at school, but suddenly, we are being absolutely bombarded, AND they want things early! rofl. Should have told us early! rofl. In addition, we are trying to finish up everything on Mom’s estate, and that takes time. Life is just a little crazy at the moment So proud of the ladies, and proud of you guys for rallying around them. Really hope they win it all this year. Bought tickets for my Grandsons and I to go to MBB game. It’s a thing for us. Cinnci may matchup well with Alabama. Michigan will matchup well with Georgia, I think. I was impressed with Michigan yesterday. Well, that’s about all the news. Hope not to go awol again Hook ‘em, and Bring It Home, Ladies!
  19. The basketball team is going to be good, really good, and so will the baseball team, but our winner RIGHT NOW is Texas Volleyball! So, being a competitive Texan, I say, Bring It On! Sark will figure out what’s going on with Football. Let him. Internet rumors don’t help anyone, particularly our program. Get ‘em, Ladies.
  20. Good looking team! I haven’t been able to take my grandsons due to COVID, but they are supposed to get immunized soon enough to take in January or February. I took them to the last game before the Big 12 shut it down for the pandemic. Little did we know… Hook ‘em!
  21. Drb, shhh, they may not want to be called big uglies anymore. We can give them NIL contracts to be big ballerinas if they want, offensive and defensive. Load ‘em up!

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