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    UT Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Fitness. Cooking, at times. Outdoor activities. Tournament Bridge, though little time to play.

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  1. Reading Pierce, I think he wanted Nixon pulled before he was. He was very animated in the dugout! Don’t know why they couldn’t get someone in faster.
  2. I may just attack them with a baseball bat! What do you think. On the plus side, my dogs are going to have a doggie door, but they are really house dogs, believe it or not. Aussies! The little one is a bit of a pistol, but the bigger one kind of. lopes like a well trained thoroughbred. He gets so hot in the summer, for 2 years I have had him trimmed to 1/2 inch. He is so happy after a haircut! Plays like a puppy. The smaller one doesn’t suffer from the heat so much. She is a red Merle. Dog Park about a mile from us. Yeah! Great way to spend some Aussie energy.
  3. I have been living in a rental for quite a while, but I am responsible for ‘lawn’ care or mowing, now. Unfortunately, there is no grass, only weeds. It has never been sodded or planted. A year ago, I offered to go in with him 50/50 on sodding the yard. He said he couldn’t. I just bought a house, and I am happy to say that there is new sodded grass. I could not be happier. I am waiting several weeks to move in to let the sod set. My pups are 40 and 70 pounds. Luckily, the HOA waters the sod, and later the grass. A maintenance service takes care of the lawn. I looked at other properties they have, and they look good. Not SHA good, but good. Ecstatic to have a lawn.
  4. I think the other starters & bullpen need to gain some confidence w/o Witt
  5. Keep posting when you can, Joey. My internet is terrible. I finally signed off of broadcast because it kept dying. Hard to believe that I am paying for that frustration.
  6. So, what do y’all think? Is Stevens a good choice against LSU?
  7. Don’t know about y’all, but I have a great feeling about this team. Hook ‘em!
  8. I was at the Texas v Sam game. It was interesting to watch the Sam team. They were fired up when they took the early lead, but even the first time through the batting order we were putting wood to ball. Once through the batting order, the writing was on the wall. Awesome game! Hook ‘em!

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