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    UT Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Fitness. Cooking, at times. Outdoor activities. Tournament Bridge, though little time to play.

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  1. Fellows, I blocked Johnny hours ago for several reasons. His reading comprehension is nonexistent. Thus, he carries on conversations with himself, either that or he is in an altered frame of mind. When you quote him, I see his drivel. Quite honestly, I would rather not see it. I respect CT, but Card should get an opportunity to play, as well. I think Card just had a bad game against Arkie. (Btw, JD, has posted 9, I repeat 9 times on this page alone). Amazing!
  2. That seems reasonable. If that’s the case, then get Card ready. He needs to get seasoned fast.
  3. Ash/Herman decided to use an extra defensive back and fewer linebackers. That made no sense to me in this league, although it’s not what you call them, it is how you deploy them. We recruited to that philosophy. We are lucky we have Overshown and Brock. Outside of that we have youngsters and defensive backs. Yes, I think the big guys were tired. Who did we have to substitute?
  4. Yep. Awful. I don’t think it was a choke job. We lost Okafor, which hurt us, at least short term. Then we lost Whittington, which hurt a lot. Now Overshown. That hurts. This reminds me of the year we lost the offensive lineman and then David Ash.
  5. This is sad. I listened to a caller on a radio talk show this past week, he claimed to be a Longhorn, but he tried to bet his son at the end of the third quarter that we would lose the game. At the time, I started wondering which one of the naysayers on here was calling. The announcer, National show, called him a Loser. That is a loser mentality. No doubt. Sad, really.
  6. They are Big 12 Im just glad they aren’t the Big 12 refs that called the game when Heard qb’d the team.

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