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    UT Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Fitness. Cooking, at times. Outdoor activities. Tournament Bridge, though little time to play.

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  1. Seriously? It looked to me like he sliced them up surgically!
  2. It’s sad that they did keep it quiet, particularly after they screwed Leach when a spoiled, entitled kid lied.
  3. I always thought the girlfriend sounded like an airhead.
  4. I am so very sorry this happened to Brandon and to your family. It seems impossible, yet it happens more than we know. Prayers for you and your family.
  5. When I watched the replay, Ossai was off balance when he touched/pushed him, whatever it was. It was a good call, but he was clearly off balance. Momentum carried him, imo. And, I agree with everything you said. But, the Chiefs are really banged up! Hook ‘em!
  6. I feel terrible for Ossai. He played a terrific game. Then, momentum carried him out of bounds. What an amazing competitor. Hook ‘em!
  7. 2 comments: Leadership! Someone must take the reins. Bad calls! we need to get out of this conference. Insanity is living in a house with someone once you decide to get a divorce. Night all.
  8. We need to get out of the Big 12, as soon as possible.
  9. Almost time for the SPLAT! Or, should I say CHoke…!!!
  10. Except for A & M, darn! There is a glimmer of hope and then a big Splat! Right smack on their face. Do you think they are simply traumatized? Poor aggys.
  11. The memorial service at Disch-Faulk was really good. Reflected Coach perfectly. His players said they started practice at 1pm and practiced until dark. At times, he had to call the dining hall to have them keep it open because they were running late. No NCAA rules against it at the time. When it rained, and there was water on old Clark Field, Gus would be there at 6:30am putting down bunson burners to bake the field. Kieschnik. He had already committed to Ole Miss when Darren called him. He told Darren he had committed and couldn’t go back on his word. A few minutes later Gus called, and he was awestruck, but said the same thing. Then Gus told him a story, and he agreed to come to Texas. Great stories. Wonderful memories.
  12. I performed at UT games so didn’t need my blanket tax for that. My cousin took my id & drew tickets. An old friend of my Dad’s worked the gate that they went right through. My brother was an all-state football player. Now, he would be with recruits at the game.
  13. And the lines outside of Gregory Gym. Ugh!

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