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    UT Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Fitness. Cooking, at times. Outdoor activities. Tournament Bridge, though little time to play.

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  1. Don’t know. Are they any worse than others. Someone said only Kansas & Iowa State were AAU members. I believe that is correct.
  2. Senator Whitmire touched on exactly what I have been thinking, “Where were the temper tantrums and hand wringing when A & M left? Why weren’t the legislators concerned about the power grid and masks mandates for schools?” I won’t bore you with my theories, except to say that though we knew Perry wasn’t too bright, he was ruthless, so no one stood in his way. I think Hornsports covered the power grid process pretty well. Good luck to Kansas and Iowa State. I hope they do find a home in the Big 10. As for the Baylor, Tech, TCU crybabies, put on your big boy and big girl pants and act like an adult. No one likes a whiner. Hook ‘em!
  3. Welcome to the 40, Derrick. These will be the best years of your life. Hook ‘em! Enjoy it all...
  4. So, when will Plonsky be shut down? She needs to be retired.
  5. That cease and desist letter sounds like the rest of the Big 12 doesn’t want ESPN airing their games. Guess no Gameday in Waco, Lubbock, Ft. Worth, Ames, Lawrence, Stillwater, Manhattan, or whoever I’m forgetting is. Man, they have really got to put their big boy pants on. This is silly. These are grown men and women for goodness sakes. Didn’t one of them have a plan of action for the day when Texas would no longer be carrying them. We have done it, to our detriment, for over 50 years. They should say thank you and move on.
  6. Come to Texas, play in front of lots of fans in the stands, on television, and who buy a whole lot of t-shirts (remember, NIL!). By the way, see the new logo on our jersey? Right! We play in the best conference! Everyone will see you name! Oh, you get to live in Austin, too! Come on down!
  7. I agree with that, Ricky. Everyone wins.
  8. For all of you who were kind enough to wish me well this afternoon, thank you so much. The results were good, and I am so relieved. MDA has a new protocol. The radiologist comes in and gives the patient the results when the films are read to reduce anxiety. I am all for it.
  9. There is a great article about the effect a Texas/Oklahoma move to the SEC would have on college baseball. I can’t do it right now, but I will find the link and post it. Today is the day they run my 5 year tests. I must get moving that direction. Keep us informed folks! Hook ‘em!
  10. Bear, you are a man of few words, but you use them well! I agree. Hook ‘em!
  11. Are most of you thinking that this was very well choreographed? Anyone? Everyone? They say that timing is everything... I say it’s done by Friday. What say you? Hook ‘em!
  12. I’m not going to speculate about individual schools, but the legislature is acting like they totally support Texas. I wish I knew the exact portion of the academic budget they fund, but it is tiny enough to give them a little man’s complex. The athletic department is self-funding, with a great deal of assistance from our Big Cigars. The athletic department, for a number of years, has contributed to the academic side of the house. I wonder how many AD’s can say that? So, as far as I am concerned, the lege. can shut up. They certainly don’t put up. Other schools didn’t prepare them to interfere in our business. They have their own kitchen to sweep. Hook ‘em!
  13. This week would be good. It cuts down on the wailing and grinding of teeth.

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