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  1. Wait! You mean we're not family??? 😢
  2. They are Aggies cousin, twice removed.
  3. Been praying. I have a bunch of prayer thugs praying too.
  4. I really think we win about like we have the last 3 weeks. I very well could be wrong, but this team is nowhere near the same team that started the year. We have rolled the last 3 opponents and I think it will continue.
  5. I am just happy that we are grading a win, not a loss. Also we seem to have increased our standard immensely the second half of the season. All very good signs.
  6. I think the potential for a blowout is here for us and I am not speaking as a homer. I remember watching the Baylor QB in a post game interview saying he never saw the same look twice from our defense and how that caused him a lot of confusion. That coupled with the fact that we have probably one of the best defensive lines in college could spell for a long day for the Cowboys. Great write up Lukus.
  7. This game was brutal to watch. It seems youth versus sound fundamentals is a losing proposition. The thing that concerns me most is the seeming lack of emotion.
  8. Congrats guys! I followed you every day!
  9. One of the funniest and exciting games to watch in recent memory. It was awesome to experience as a fan.
  10. 34-6. Defense reigns in this game because the offense give them time to rest.
  11. Good analysis Lukus. I am hoping the special teams will show up today.
  12. Nice job Lukus. Good analysis and conclusions. When I grow up I want to be just like you. ;0)

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