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  1. The simple solution is to take Mark Cuban up on his idea to start a Billion $ playoff. $200,000,000 in profit from a billion dollar playoff breaks down to $37,000 per player for 64 teams with 85 players. Money won't be an issue if the Div 1 is split into 64 teams and then everyone else. I don't see a problem with continuing football and basketball. The other sports will be tough to figure out.
  2. 2005 Texas with Urban Meyer as coach would lose two games against that schedule.
  3. The NCAA definition of amateur athelete was dumped by the Olympics 20+ years ago. The NCAA still treats atheletes like endentured servants. I would like to see a movie like wolf of Wall Street made about college athletics.
  4. Download the "TV Food Maps" app for your phone. Every restaurant and bar that has ever been on a tv show is listed. You can eat like a local foodie in any city.
  5. Joe T Garcias might have the simplest menu in the world. Last time I was there, it was just fajitas or enchiladas.
  6. Seldom in life does the best answer come from one of two options. Even in coaching, Saban or Mack? Yuck.
  7. Double whammy with a funny question and pun rolled up in 3 words.
  8. There are several things in that article that are good for a chuckle, besides the comment about play calling. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/jeremy-fowler/24472325/charlie-strong-getting-comfortable-at-texas-with-movie-star-help Strong evidently has a very dry sense of humor and I wonder if he doesn't go trolling for fun. "He spotted Johnny Depp in Austin last night but didn't stop and say hi. Strong had to rest for one of his 5-mile runs at 4:30 a.m." “We go out to practice and no media came to practice,†said Strong with a laugh. “So I said 'OK, ya'll don't want to come, ya'll don't have to come, the media's shut out of practice.' I think that's why everybody got upset. I just said you could have sent a beat writer or someone there.â€
  9. Not to mention this classic: Can't believe I forgot Raising Arizona
  10. Cage has the Rock and the National Treasure franchise. Clooney has Danny Ocean. They both have made a slew of terrible movies.
  11. Are there plans to rearrange basketball seating next year to get students closer and liven up the crowd at games?
  12. Are you saying 80% are crazy or 20%.

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