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  1. I'm guessing that it was more cost effective to send the PSU equipment truck and some university employees to Nashville to get him moved. But your point is taken......if the decision were mine, I would just hire a moving company.
  2. Before anyone rains hell on the Mountaineer guy I seem to recall we were riding pretty high until we wandered into Manhattan, KS. This stuff can happen on the road in the B12.
  3. All I know is I long for the day when a gay person doesn't feel the need to "come out" and other people don't feel the need to use the occasion to take to the airwaves and internet and use it as an opportunity to assuage their own guilt issues and convince us how evolved they are intellectually.
  4. So please point me to stories with quotes from any of those people saying Sam shouldn't be playing in the NFL. I'll wait off line because it may take you a while.
  5. I love this idea......... I have another idea (yeah its mine, but I'll never be able to do anything about it) would be to have a tournament of all star teams from each conference. How cool would that be.....?
  6. Dale may have been unplugged but he also managed to jump off the rail. He created a straw man and followed it up with a complete nonsequitor (sp). Who are the people who have a problem with this? The guy is gay and he wants to play in the NFL. So because of this Dale Hansen delivers a rant about people who want the government in our bedrooms? Hansen is a complete idiot. It would appear he has more issues with Sam then the rest of us do.
  7. What is the "swagger" that these article keep referring too? They're an 8-4 team that caught lighting in a bottle with Manziel and they still couldn't turn it into anything meaningful. I don't have the same level of dislike for the Aggies as many do as some of my best friends are Aggies, so I'm not here to bash them and wail away on them, but I have to say this whole meme that's developing around them as being someone we need to be chasing is just laughable.
  8. Every B12 campaign KU plays a game with their head totally up their arse. Yesterday was that game......Texas took full advantage of this and dominated. If you punch KU in the mouth, they will buckle on the road. When it happens at the Phog, their crowd is normally enough lift them up. As for Texas down the stretch.....a strong inside game and great guard play will take you deep. We got our ticket to the dance punched yesterday (but don't tell the team, they need to keep playing with intensity).
  9. North Texas is going to whip our ass next year.
  10. The panic around here is remarkable.......but I guess if you're only focused on star ratings, you have reason for concern.
  11. I would have bet the house that game was in Austin....glad I didn't. I think 19 to 20 wins is enough to get us in the NCAAs.
  12. The good news is, rankings don't matter. I'd rather see them unranked and winning with a chip on their shoulder, then see them newly ranked only to get kicked in the teeth by someone they could beat. They're at 15 wins as of this morning. I think they get to at least 18 with two wins over TCU and one over WVU. The winnable's in my book are @Tech, Baylor. Not sure how I would rate the ones @OU and @KSU at this point. @OSU and two with KU.....I'm not hopeful. But hey, there's a reason they actually play the games.
  13. @CowboysRFF: Wow... RT @Jake_Trotter: QB Kendal Thompson tweets that he will be transferring from OU #Sooners
  14. Harsin is a "A" and Strong is an "A-"...? WTF....? And strong gets a minus because of his media abilities...? Who the hell cares.....just win.

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