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  1. a higher mound generally favors the pitcher. With the height advantage, the pitcher gains more leverage and can put more downward velocity on the ball, making it more difficult for the batter to strike the ball squarely with the bat.
  2. its a doctored pic. but he (Mack) did retweet it
  3. I think it depends on the info. If you’re saying a big time commit happened you can leave that up there and maybe hot link to one of the recruiting guys reviews of the commit. I'd say up to two weeks as long as no one else commits during that time. If you’re running MBB wins vs XYZ and also MBB loss to ABC I'd limit it to just the most recent. If you’re running tennis team beats La Tech I think that would run its course in a day or two. I could see baseball season being an issue with this as they play several games over few days.
  4. I believe in that stuff about as much as I do the Easter Bunny or a honest politician.
  5. I think you do. There are always transfers, injuries, grade issues. He's a impact player where we lack depth. Take em and the numbers will work themselves out.
  6. My sources are telling me Macks going to step down and Saban is just waiting to sign his 10yr $100 million dollar deal.
  7. What if the Texans take Brown. Him with JJ and Clowney would be nuts.
  8. Miami is the main comp for Irvin not Florida...he's going to have to tell Uncle Mike no to come to UT
  9. Spoke with a friend today. Very disappointed with what I was told. He did not save 15% by switching to Geico and Flo was kinda a jerk about it....
  10. He can do what he wants to do. He doesn't owe us or anyone at Auburn a thing. If you don't like the way he has handled things fine that's your opinion. I choose to not get worried if a player decides he's going to another school or not or the process in between. It will all work out in the end.
  11. Can we all stop with the checks in the mail stuff. I know its mostly a joke but its getting old. If a kid doesnt want to come to UT fine lets move on and get the next kid and if he wants to play here even better. Honestly put yourself in his shoes. Your one of the best WR in the country and you watched the games. Do you blame him for looking around?
  12. What is this Crossfire thing you speak of? I kinda sorta remember this one thing that just couldnt co exist on this site or else frogs would fall from the sky or something silly like that.
  13. Brisket isnt usually done till it gets around 190 IT. If you pulled it at 160ish thats the problem it was undercooked. Do what you did last time but let it cook longer and I bet you'll have it licked.

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