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  1. Feel bad that Carson can't get a ride to the game. Hard to believe he doesn't have a coach, classmate or another fan nearby going to the game that could give him a lift. He must be the only big time recruit ever to not have an "uncle" hanging around.
  2. Anwar standing firm behind his story. We have an old fashioned standoff. See how it shakes out tomorrow
  3. ScoBro1

    Oh Aggy.

    — Twitter API (@twitterapi) https://twitter.com/thetatemartell/status/696944573017387010" data-datetime="2011-11-07T20:21:07+00:00">November 7, 2011 Never makes it to aggy. Hello Cal.
  4. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) https://twitter.com/ChuckFnStrong/status/696075122621329408" data-datetime="2011-11-07T20:21:07+00:00">November 7, 2011 I was watching. Looch hasnt said a word since! Lmao
  5. The irony is Strong in the fact that social media was a divisive, evil thing in the middle of the season but now may be the thing that makes and saves this class and the football program. Whoda thunk it?
  6. This. Tired of the coaching talk. He will win and if he doesn't THEN we can talk about a replacement
  7. Traylor isnt going anywhere. He does need to experience the interview process. If I am him I stay and have a big year and throw my hat in the ring with UH when Hermann leaves. They love offensive coaches and pay more the TXST. If he wants to see an upwardly career track derailed by taking a crappy job see:Todd Dodge
  8. ScoBro1

    Oh Aggy.

    Ran out of mixer for my vodka last night so I just used aggy tears. It was awesome.
  9. Colt Barber CB for Whaley to Texas. Straight up coin flip on Saturday.
  10. All 4 schools in the 2A Div 1 Region 4 semi finals are from District 15. Heck of a district the past 2 years. Appears it will change next year with realignment.
  11. The best thing about playing a bunch of freshmen is that in a couple years they will be a bunch of juniors. And all these crybabies talking about Strong will be back on here saying what a good job he is doing when they are a top 5 team. If you dont know enough to watch and realize what we are going through then you dont know football. Sure losses hurt. But if you cant see the big picture then check your gear at the door and go root for baylor or aggy because you are nothing but a bandwaggoner. Charlie is definitely the man for the job and the only thjng he did wrong yesterday was not rip the head off that referee and kick it through the goalposts.

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